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Jump Between iMessage And SMS With Switch-Service



It is often said that Apple products are not very user-friendly and many Apple fans wish that their favorite gadgets were a little more easy to use. For example, every now and then most iPhone users find themselves in that annoying situation when their iMessage fails to send and the iPhone forgets that it had to switch to SMS. But from now on this small glitch which proves to be a headache for the users will not be an issue anymore because of the new handy feature with the solution to this particular problem. A new jailbreak tweak which goes by the name of Switch-Service is now available to address this trouble. Self-evident from the name of the feature, it enables the user to switch between iMessage and SMS when their data connection is weak or completely failed.

The users who operate from an area with an inconsistent reception usually have a data connection issue. However, this reception problem can become extremely vexing when it causes the sent iMessages to stall. Under normal circumstances, the operating system (iOS) reverts to SMS instantly but unfortunately in many cases this seldom happens even if it has been enabled in the settings, which leads to a state of great inconvenience.

So to avoid this discomfort and hassle of going into the settings app and then changing to SMS, users are now advised to  download Switch-Service.  After downloading Switch-Service whenever the connection fails the user just has to tap and hold the message app send icon till the option to send by iMessage or SMS pops up, then by simply choosing the desired option the message will be sent accordingly.

This new much-needed jailbreak feature is now available to download for free from and can be installed via Cydia. This very helpful upgrade was originally a part of biteSMS message app, but now it also supports iOS 9.

So if you are an owner of a jail-broken iPhone and there are instances when you find yourself  confused by all this iMessage to SMS transition, then maybe this is the feature that you are looking for.

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