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Joyride With Smashy Road

Smashy Road

An addiction to gaming is never a good thing. I never understood why people would get so deeply concentrated and in love with a game; a compilation of electronically moving images that you can manipulate. Then I found Smashy Road.

To be clear, no other mobile game that I have played compares to this. I don’t even like mobile gaming that much because my head starts hurting after a few minutes, but this game is like no other. Personally, it is up there with some of the world’s greatest mobile games like Angry Birds and Jetpack Joyride.

The object of Smashy Road is to get away from the cops for as long as possible. It is a perfect blend of crime and fun. The game features a Crossy Road- like interface and design but a Grand Theft Auto type of experience.

The landscape of the game changes a lot. There are many obstacles such as rocks, buildings, other cars, lakes, fences, and even pyramids. You can get the police cars not only to crash into each other but also to crash into these obstacles by tricking them into following you in the wrong direction. Just make sure to move in time.

The longer you stay without getting caught, the harder the game gets. One star, just like GTA, gets you about one or two cops behind you. Once you give stars, typically after about a minute, there are about 10 police cars chasing you, helicopters, and even tanks trying to bust you.

You can choose your own car out of 4 categories: Legendary, Rare, Common, and Epic. These cars are bought using virtual currency from either  watching ads or the free gifts given each day. They are picked at random, just like the characters in Crossy Road. You can also buy them for $0.99, if you don’t want to wait until you get lucky. Although, some of them can go up to $3.99. It is possible to get them for free if you’re lucky enough.

I love this game and I highly recommend it. Check out Smashy Road and other apps by Remco Kortenoever in the App Store.

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