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Jellies, Cute and Evil

Jellies is literally one of the best games I’ve ever played. It is both cute and evil at the same time. While it is a bit frustrating, the everlasting child-like music playing in the background really brings out the inner kid in you. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of days and I can’t leave my phone alone. It’s mind-boggling how cute the little jellies are.

JelliesThe object of the game is to connect the jellies by color. Once a certain amount are been collected, the main character, Bob, gets one of his eaten fingers back after the jellies had eaten all five fingers from one of his hands as he embarked on a fishing journey on a lake. Once a finger is collected, Bob posts a photo of his returned finger on a social media called InstaBob, one made especially for him (can’t really call it a SOCIAL media if it’s only one person).

JelliesHaving said this, there are three modes to this game: Single, Multiplayer, and Endless. In single mode, one follows Bob’s journey into retaining his five fingers until he reaches mission 19 at the Iceberg. In multiplayer mode, two people get to compete on who gets the most amount of jellies popped in a given amount of time. In endless mode, one can pop them for the rest of their life and never have to worry about anything ever again (just kidding, game addiction is never a good thing). Although, in order to unlock endless mode, one must pay $1.99 for Endless Mode and ad removal or one can invite friends from Facebook. When 2 or more of those friends install the app, endless mode is unlocked for free.

Some additions to the game include those of power-ups; bombs, electroshocks, and berserkers. Bombs allow one jelly to destroy those surrounding it. Electroshock slows down the movement of the jellies and sort of freezes them. Berserkers turn them into devil-like creatures that can be popped with just a swipe of a finger (sort of like Fruit Ninja). Finally, there are time add-ons and Disco jellies.

Jellies is available on the App Store for $0.99. I can’t wait for more great games from Aleksei Kalinin!

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