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iTunes U 3.0

iTunes U 3.0

iTunes U 3.0

iTunes U 3.0 is a vast learning and educational resource offered by the Apple, iTunes store. iTunes U users can directly download free educational content from iTunes U to their computers, laptops, iPads, iPods, or iPhones.

iTunes U started off offering its users their courses and the materials and the learning content for their courses. The iTunes U was then upgraded to iTunes U 2.0 which brought a course manager and now, iTunes U 3.0 brings its users a complete new system with document submission and grading workflow structure.

Prior to the new version of iTunes U 2.0, this resource was an exceptionally proficient teacher-to-student content distributing system. It permitted teachers to indicate the outline of the course, upload posts containing content, upload different materials in a range of different formats and create coursework that students could be informed of. Furthermore, iTunes U also sent its users push notifications to keep them informed. If assignment were added, or if teachers respond to queries, the students got instant updates. Moreover, if students uploaded assignments or handed in their homework, the teachers found out right then only because of the push notifications. However, the only thing that iTunes U 2.0 did not deal with was inflowing of half of the assignment workflow. This is now addressed by iTunes U 3.0.

The new version brings features to simplify homework management for students and grading for teachers. With this most recent version of the iTunes U 3.0 software, students will now be able to turn in their assignments and homework from their iPhones, iPads, iPods and other tablets or devices. Furthermore, their turned in assignments and homework will hold a time-stamp that will record when the student submitted his or her work such as term papers, book reports, etc. The new version also incorporates a grade book that aims to inform the teachers when a student’s work is complete and submitted or if it’s time to send them a reminder.

In addition to all the changes mentioned above, the new version of iTunes U 3.0 also contains a basic PDF markup tool. The markup tools allows pen drawing which offers a selection of the thickness of the line. It also has highlighting features and it also allows its users to enter text giving them a choice of five different fonts, different font colors, size and even borders on the text box.

Furthermore, now students can hand in their assignments and homework from any Apple creativity app and also dozens of third-party apps. Proponents say that this happens to be one of the biggest features in the new iTunes U 3.0 version. Therefore, students can now turn in their assignment stored in iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, from any native app and many other options. Moreover, all the versions including the iTunes U 3.0 is available for free for everybody!

A major competitor with the iTunes U educational software was the Google Classroom, offering almost the same features however; critics and supporters now claim that the new version of iTunes U 3.0, has left Google Classroom behind with its new innovative and practical features.

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