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iTunes Bug – Apple Sent Two Engineers To Customer’s Home

iTunes Bug

iTunes Bug

A few days back, we reported the incident where music content stored on user’s computers was deleted due to an iTunes bug. Apple had accepted the presence of the bug and said that the company will take the matter seriously. Apple had also announced that it will be updating iTunes to remove the bug. You can read more about this issue here. James Pinkstone who is a Freelance composer and designer highlighted the issue in his blog and said that he had lost 122GB of personal music on his computer due to the bug. In his latest blog Pinkstone has revealed that Apple indeed has taken the matter seriously. He mentioned in his blog that two software engineers from Apple visited his house in order to understand the reason behind the bug.

The senior software engineers, Tom, and Ezra flew all the way from California to Atlanta, Georgia. The software engineers told Pinkstone that in order to avoid this issue from occurring again, and to recover his lost music files he should reactivate his Apple music account and go through iTunes track sync. iTunes track sync uploads music files into iCloud. These files can be accessed by streaming them.

The engineers used a special version of the app to detect the problem. Tom and Ezra kept talking to a team at Apple to discuss which steps they should follow to detect the bug,

Pinkston is now able to use iTunes normally. He was also able to retrieve the files from the cloud. We, however, do not know if the engineers were able to find the problem and a definite solution.

Apple has now released an update for iTunes. In the 12.4 update of the app, many changes have been made to the user interface. The update could also have the solution to avoid this problem.

Apple sending two of its employees to a user’s home to fix a problem is a great move. Not many companies would have taken a step like this.



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