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It is a Lifesaver! EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free

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Ever had that clumsy moment in your life? Accidentally deleted a file? Certain system files corrupted? Well, you no longer have to worry about all that. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has a seamless balance between automatic and manual controls. Now EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free comes with a “smart” control that automates backups and saves files in common folders, as well as through a cloud storage option.

What all does the EaseUS software take care of?

Being the perfect solution for most situations what can the EaseUS Software protect you from? Well, here is a list!

Lost Data Recovery

Oops! Accidentally deleted a file? Hit shift + delete? Emptied the recycle bin? Don’t worry! The EaseUS data recovery Wizard can help you out! It is designed to be compatible with dealing with such dead-end situations.

Recover Partition

The EaseUS software designed for file recovery can help you recover portioned files effortlessly. Especially when recovery partition is a must, and certain partitions seem to be lost, erased, or sometimes even inaccessible.

Recovering Formatted Files

Sometimes the consequences are quite dire when a storage device is formatted, either for a genuine purpose, or accidental. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free can help you extract this data from USB drives, hard drives, or other storage devices.

Storage Media Recovery

Have a seemingly dead hard drive, USB drive, SD card, or video player? Or is it just corrupted, inaccessible, or damaged? Nevertheless, the EaseUS software will make sure that your files are protected and can be accessible once again.

Emergency Data Recovery

This is a much more serious, but often unlikely situation. But in the event of a systemwide shutdown, infected files, or virus attacks, the EaseUS data recovery wizard will be there for you and tries to apply a PC data recovery tool.

Special Features that don’t always meet the eye!

Advanced Scanning Algorithms

The EaseUS software is constantly developing and evolving and comes with 2 separate modes. Deep dive and Quick scan. As the names suggest a quick scan quickly provides the files that are easily accessible and a Deep scan takes longer digging deep into the buried files.

Preforms Recovery During the Scanning Process

You don’t have to wait for the entire scanning process to be completed. You can save time and retrieve a file as soon as it appears in the result section during the scanning process.

Export or Import Sessions

Keeping in mind that people are often busy and large devices take a considerable amount of time to scan the EaseUS software allows you to start, pause, and resume the process at any time. In this way, the EaseUS software provides an easily customizable data recovery plan.

Specific File Type Filters

On large devices, you would often have thousands of files waiting to be recovered. Due to this, the EaseUS data recovery software allows you to filter based on specific file types.

Precise Location of Files via Tags

This is of the greatest data recovery solutions offered by the EaseUS data recovery wizard. You can quickly locate your files via tags and related file types like documents, audio, and photos. In this way providing a seamless data recovery experience.

Preview and Integrity Check

To check things out before file retrieval you can preview individual files such as word documents, excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, photos, videos, and even music. This way one can make sure that the data is still intact.

The Cherry on top!

Low Storage Space

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free only takes up about 40 MB of storage so it shouldn’t take up much space on your local disk.

Easy Process

The EaseUS software has a simple 3 step recovery process. Which goes as follows: Select, Scan, and Recover!

Widely Used

The EaseUS data recovery software is trusted and used frequently by millions of users around the world!

Beyond Basic Data Recovery

Repairing corrupted JPEG/JPG Photos

The EaseUS software is capable of automatically detecting lost images and restoring them to a working condition. It can also be used to extract and repair thumbnails of a particular JPEG/JPG photo. Beyond all this, the EaseUS software also gives users a preview of the repaired photos before recovery.

Repairing Video footage from MP4 /MOV Cam

You can directly connect digital cameras like the Cannon, GoPro, and DGI to your PC. Then the EaseUS software can work on the recovery and repair of certain video footage. Especially damaged or sometimes broken MP4 and MOV video videos.

EaseUS Software Pricing

Like with all good things the higher-level versions of the EaseUS software come with a price tag attached, minimal compared to what it can do for you, but nonetheless a price.

The EaseUS software comes with 3 options:

The Free Plan

The Free plan allows you to recover up to 2GB of data, preview your files, and recover files from partitions.

The Pro Plan

The Pro plan which costs $69.95 lets you recover unlimited data, as detailed consultation and remote assistance from the EaseUS consultants.

The Pro+ Bootable Media Plan

The Pro+ Bootable Media plan comes at a price of $99.90 which includes everything from the free and pro plans but it also gives the added benefit of downloadable WinPE in the case of a system failure or crash.

The EaseUS data recovery wizard free, capable of recovering over 1000 types of files, is a great solution to all your problems. The EaseUS software great for home and office use can truly be a lifesaver! So, without further delay be sure to give this great software a try!

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