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Is Your Cat Healthy? A Complete Checklist for Cat Owners

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Living with a cat is not only about furry cuddles. It’s much more than that.

Even if you brought them in half-heartedly, you will find yourself becoming attached to them eventually. And they will become attached to you too.

Taking their care will become less of a burdening chore and more of a task you look forward to every day – because you love them. And they love you.

But, what often keeps pet owners from taking the best possible care of their pets is a lack of knowledge. Most of us depend on our vets to guide us through step by step about what’s what.

Well, not anymore. Here we’ve listed all fundamental aspects that you should assess, observe, and look into – to keep your cat healthy.

Your Complete Cat Checklist

Some fundamental aspects that you must assess about your cat include: 


The first signs of any health problems faced by your cat are usually visible through the eyes. Their eyes will become watery, red, or sore. Or they may have trouble looking directly at certain things, such as luminous objects. If you see them squinting or unable to detect directions and objects in front of them, take them to a vet. Ideally, the eyes should be clear and bright.


Second to eyes, it’s the ears that give away internal or hidden health problems. If your cat ever faces an ear-related issue, you will find it rubbing its head against surfaces, shaking its head, or drooping its head on one aide. In such a case, rush your cat to the vet. Redness and smelly ears are two other things that you should not ignore. Also, to keep your cat’s ears healthy, clean out the thick wax every 15 days.


If you notice something wrong with the eyes, the nose will usually follow. In ideal conditions, your cat’s nose should be soft to touch. It should be a little moist. 

However, if you see it crusting, flaky, bleeding, or runny, it’s time for a professional check. Other signs that you must look out for are the sense of smell and excessive sneezing. Check if your cat is unable to detect the direction of the smell. It may be facing health issues that may not be visible on the surface.


The coat of your cat symbolizes its health significantly. Remember, the shinier the coat, the better the health. 

Depending on its breed type, it may have a thick coat or thin coat. It may have short hair or long hair. You must, however, look out for bald patches or broken hair.

Know that your cat will shed hair all through the year. In summers and autumn, it will shed hair more than usual. So, it’s best to develop a grooming habit from a young age. Always use a good shampoo and keep a hair vacuum around. Do not forget to check for fleas, bugs, and dandruff, in each of your cat’s grooming sessions.


When you look into their hair, you will also see the skin. Your cat’s skin may be black or pink, depending on their coat type and breed type. The symptoms and signs that indicate something’s wrong with your cat’s health include:

  • Black and White Spots
  • Crusting
  • Itching
  • Scaling

If you see these, take your cat to its vet immediately.


Ideally, your cat’s gums should be either pink or black, depending on its skin color. The teeth should be white or cream. And you should not see any excess tartar (brownish substance) on their teeth. Cats with bad-smelling breath also indicate underlying kidney or stomach problems.

Some people worry about the impact of crunchy foodstuff on their cat’s health. Well, to clear that out right now, it isn’t the case! Say you feed your cat with CBD cat treats, the ones that come in cracker form. Well, these will not only be an absolute delight for your feline friend. But these will also address many of their health issues positively. However, if you see your cat having chewing difficulties, consult a vet. Your cat may have a serious dental problem.


Note that you ought to check all of these physical things monthly or bi-monthly at most. Any further delays can lead to the development of serious health issues and problems.

Also, before anything and everything, ensure that you get your cat vaccinated timely.

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