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Is WordPress Secure for eCommerce?

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One of the popularly used content management systems is WordPress. Survey says there are around 60 million websites built using WordPress and many are no big deal. Of course, there are millions of users who are still successful in building their personalized websites on WordPress and eCommerce is not an exception.

If you are bothered about how WordPress would work for your eCommerce business then take a look at this article, and you will find a better perspective of how WordPress can work for your eCommerce business.  There are quite a few reasons that WordPress is secure for eCommerce. Here are a few for your review.

Complete access to your online store

Would it be easy for you to manage your eCommerce site security and maintain it on any other host? Of course, yes but you would still be faced with the design of your eCommerce store.

There are a number of secure hosting services and platforms but not everyone would be helpful with the design of your online store as easy as WordPress. WordPress does not just prove it in the arena of design but also on security. You are given an option to secure any of your WordPress designed websites either through plugins or third-party SSL certifications.

Regular upgrade of themes and plugins

We always receive recommendations from professionals and technicians to stay up to date to avoid any issues that come our way. WordPress makes it easy and keeps us informed about any updates of themes and plugins.

Despite these benefits, research says that around 39% of WordPress based sites are hacked due to an outdated version of the software. 

Realizing the significance of outdated software, WordPress tends to provide the updated version of its themes and plugins regularly. These updates are not just meant to add helpful features, they also ensure the security of the website. This helps to fix the vulnerabilities and make it even stronger against harmful attacks.

The team also works to keep the user informed on any update issues so that the user is aware and cautious the next time he or she faces an issue.

Security plugins are the biggest asset of WordPress

You can find a warehouse of security plugins for WordPress which can protect your website from threats and malware. There are plenty of security plugins that work well for eCommerce stores and protect them from being harmed as well.

A few examples of such security plugins are, Sucuri, Jetpack Security, Wordfence, and iTheme Security Pro. These plugins provide a number of helpful features. There are indeed a few drawbacks that can affect the performance of your online store, yet they are good security guards for your website.

You can also try Astra, a firewall solution that specializes in protecting eCommerce platforms. The plugin is free and a one-stop solution that prevents malware attacks, bad traffic, and makes sure that the customer database is protected.

Now let us concentrate on how to protect your WordPress Ecommerce Store,

#1 Preferred hosting company

Choosing the right hosting provider is the best thing you could do both for your clients and your eCommerce store. As you run your eCommerce store using WordPress, it is good that you choose the best security foundation.

A few things that you need to consider before availing service from your hosting provider,

  1. Security Measures
  2. Performance capabilities
  3. Strong Database

Security Measures

When it comes to security measures SSL would top the list. The Secure Socket Layer is meant to provide better security both for your website database and the authenticity of your website.

Among the types of SSL certificates, the Wildcard SSL certificate would be the most efficient and cost-effective one to secure any domain and its sub-domains. If you are looking for a Cheap Wildcard SSL certificate, ClickSSL would probably be the best choice you could consider.

A cheap wildcard SSL certificate helps you to secure any main domain along with the sub-domains ensuring 100% security for both the user and its customers. If you are planning to secure a couple of websites in one single shot, then a wildcard SSL certificate would be the best option you could prefer.

Performance Capabilities

The hosting that you prefer should be capable of handling your website, traffic, and the orders that flood into your store. This should be possible when you are a start-up and even in the future.

The site traffic is one big bothering thing that every site owner should look into. As when you have customers heading to your online store, your website should be capable enough to handle them at the same time and speed.

If your website crashes every time a hand full of customers rush in, then it is hard for your website to be successful in the long run.

Strong Database

Have you considered maintaining an excellent database for your customers? In case you have not thought of it, remember that your customers are not just buying products, every time they visit your online store, they come to see what else you have to offer.

They might look for the same product which they purchased previously. It is always better to know what your customers like. So, you can help them every time when they login to your online store.

#2 Secured payment gateway

The second most important thing that your website should have is the secured payment gateway. The payment gateway handles your customer’s credentials such as credit card/ debit card details, personal details, shipping address, and various other customer information.

This indeed grabs more attention from intruders hence this information should not be stored on the server. None of us would enjoy our websites being hacked, hence it is recommended not to store important information on the server.

It is always recommended to approach a third-party payment dealer who can handle payment information details for you. By this, you can make sure that your customer data is handled safely. The third-party payment holders will have to sign a certain acknowledgment with you to respond in case of any discrepancies.

#3 WordPress encourages you with ideal permission settings

WordPress helps you with permission settings of who can access your entire website and its database. In concise, it is recommended to set folder permissions at a level of 755 as files normally are left at the level 644.

For the sake of security, it is recommended not to alter the recommended levels else it would become a hole for unauthorized file access. Unauthorized file access can put your entire website at risk.

#4 Encourage strong passwords

WordPress has the most effective way of implementing strong login credentials. It allows users to create strong passwords by defining the strength of the password as the user types in the characters. This could avoid easy guesses and use of your default login name.

If required, you can alter your username or even leave it as a default username. What matters is the password. Whenever you create a new password make sure it is a combination of both cases, symbols, characters, and numbers.

There is a chance where a user can build a strong password and easily forget them. Ensure that you build a strong as well as an easy password that you can recall. By this only you can remember the password and never leave a clue to an opponent.

Wrap up

If you are considering WordPress for your eCommerce website, give it a chance and you will never regret it. WordPress gives you the ease of developing a pure website that is easy to design, handle, and maintain. There are a lot of options to protect and maintain your online store on WordPress and a few are mentioned here.

You can follow these measures and be informed that WordPress is one secure platform for any eCommerce store to kick start.

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