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Is Using CBD Oil for Your Cat a Good Idea?

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We hate to do the comparisons but the truth is that many of us love our feline companions more than other pets. Even in the midst of an anxiety crisis, they have a considerate attitude. As a result and compared to dogs or horses, felines with separation anxiety do not often show destructive tendencies.

In our bid to keep them physically and mentally in the right state, many feline owners have and are using CBD oil. In this article, we will discuss if the use of this medication is ideal.

Should you avoid CBD oil for your cat or use it with caution?

If you are up for answers, then you should read on as we discuss this and other relevant things about this pharmaceutical discovery.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Your Cat?

Without any reasonable doubt, CBD oil is safe for your cat.

As an edge over many other potent drugs, CBD has been proven to present little or no side effects. Therefore, CBD for cats is now being used widely.

So, if you are concerned about your pet experiencing any adverse effects as a result of the drug, there is little to worry about. For more on the safety of this product for felines, you can check article.

Can Cannabidiol Make Your Cat High?

CBD is an abbreviated name for cannabidiol. This one of the over hundred cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It is, however, one of the more prominent ones along with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Because of what this plant is known for, many people have reservations about using it for their pets. They worry about the possibility of getting their cats high. So, this begs the question – can your cat get high by using CBD oil?

The simple answer is no! Your feline buddy cannot have any psychoactive experience as a result of your use of this drug. The reason is that cannabidiol does not have psychoactive effects on the body of mammals. This is unlike the case with THC.

So, as long as psychoactive compounds such as THC are avoided or drastically reduced in the CBD oil product, there is no chance of getting your cat high. On the positive, you will have your feline enjoying all the medicinal benefits of this drug.

How Does CBD Oil Work on Your Cat?

CBD Oil for Your Cat, Is CBD Oil Safe for Your Cat, Can Cannabidiol Make Your Cat High, Precaution for Using CBD Oil for Your Cat, Using CBD Oil for Your CatAlthough this product is more popular for treating humans, it is steadily becoming as popular for treating or managing health complications among animals as well. Every mammal in fact can benefit from the advantages of this drug. How is this possible?

All mammals have something called the endocannabinoid system. CBD oil and other cannabidiol products work with this system.

This system supports the body in its performance of a wide range of functions in the body. Any issue with the endocannabinoid system can affect sleep, mood, ability to deal with pain, immunity against dangerous microbes, and cause general imbalances in the body.

There are ongoing studies as to the functions of this system in the body of mammals. For more on this subject, read this study by ResearchGate.

This system produces a chemical known as a cannabinoid. This chemical is responsible for regulating the body and carrying out all the functions required of the system.

Also, to access various parts of the body, the system has designated receptors. As discovered by researchers, the CB1 and CB2 receptors are the main vehicles used by the system to carry out its function.

So, why do mammals (including felines) need CBD oil if the endocannabinoid system performs this much?

As with conditions such as low testosterone levels in humans, the production of cannabinoid by the ECS system can become dangerously low. This exposes the organism to dangers of all sorts.

To deal with this situation, the use of cannabidiol products such as CBD oil can supplement and also trigger the production of more natural cannabinoids. This ensures that the functions of the ECS system are not disrupted.

Precaution for Using CBD Oil for Your Cat

As explained at various points in the article, cannabidiol is not bad for your feline companion. It can do it a world of good, ensuring that it is in the right physical and mental state. However, you should not just use it carelessly on your cat. You need to be cautious about the following things.


One of the main advantages of this drug is how it offers little or no side effects. However, this should not be abused. As with many other drugs and ingested substances used on pets, the body mass largely determines the dosage. So, if you have an exceedingly small breed, you have to go easy with using this product.

Generally, except when treating a chronic ailment, it is better to start with smaller doses and then work your way up to higher doses.

If at any point you observe your pet acting funny, you should reduce the dosage. If this persists, you may have to stop. This is because some felines may have allergies to certain items used to make the drug. This is why you should only go for great products if you must use cannabidiol for humans or animals.

Use a Feline Product

This drug is not only beneficial to felines. As a mammal with an ECS system, you can also make use of CBD oil.

As a result, there are products made specifically for humans and those made for specific animals. Do not use human CBD oil for your cat. In the same vein, stay away from using your cat’s cannabidiol product.


Without a doubt, cannabidiol products are great for your cat. In the oil form, it is much easier to use and offers quick and great effects.

However, you are strongly advised to consult your veterinarian before administering it to your cat. This is to ensure that no problems arise from its use.

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