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Is SEO Worth the Expense?

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Digital marketing strategies are vital for any business to establish an active online presence that ultimately helps improve a brand’s visibility. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one strategy that companies can invest in, but many small businesses might be shocked at first when they see the campaign’s costs.

After seeing how costly SEO is, small businesses might resort to local business listings, diner placemats, and other low-cost advertising strategies. The conversion rate on these strategies is low, and companies using them won’t see any substantial increase in the number of customers they cater to.

Outbound marketing is still popular among many companies due to its low cost compared to SEO. Many companies continue to advertise their services by blasting ads to both past and potential customers since it remains the cheaper option.

While outbound marketing still has its purpose, it shouldn’t be used as an alternative to inbound marketing strategies when companies find out the latter’s cost. It’s vital to know whether the high prices of an SEO campaign are worth it, mainly since successful businesses employ SEO to market their services online.

Search engine optimization leverages the internet’s power to ensure that a company’s target consumers can find its services online, even if the brand name is relatively unknown. Many people search for the services they need online and look no further than the first pages of the search engine results pages. The first page is prime real estate, and a website placed there will see increased traffic and receive more visitors than those placed elsewhere.

SEO helps place a website on the first pages of Google’s search results pages and allow more people to visit and interact with the website. To achieve such a feat, companies must partner with a reputable SEO service provider to execute the digital marketing campaign and produce results.

During the campaign, the site’s ranking and online visibility will improve, which also potentially increases the number of customers a business has. To know more if SEO is worth it, see this infographic by Landau Consulting.


Is SEO Worth the Expense infographic

This infographic was provided by Landau Consulting.

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