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Is Property Development and Real Estate a Wise Investment?

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Real estate has always been a stable and great investment option. Investment in property is traditionally hailed as a wise choice. It being a great generator of passive income and holding potential for long-term returns. In fact, property development can be the best wealth-creation strategy.

Investments are fraught with risks, wise investments, on the other hand, are about avoiding pitfalls, working with complete knowledge, and in association with experts. When it comes to property development and real estate investment, you should know the prerequisites, the common mistakes, and then chalk your strategy.

  • Invest in real estate based on analytical research rather than emotions. Calculate its viability with required returns, location attraction for tenants and owner-occupiers, etc.
  • Plan your strategy and create a portfolio based on your goals, your target income, focus either on short term yields or long term capital growth, cash-flow management. Know where you want to be and then start walking towards it.
  • Don’t procrastinate over your first investment. Rather than waiting for the right time to invest, focus on the right way to invest.
  • Real estate investment and property development success take time. Patience is key in knowing the investment fundamentals of any property market. Only a small percentage of properties are of investment grade, the impulse can burden you with the wrong property.

Real estate is a game of finance management. Keep in mind that almost 10% of the property’s value is incurred in all the out of pocket expenses such as rates, land taxes, insurance, maintenance, and management fees. Moreover, you need to be very thorough about the inspection and do it from the potential buyer’s perspective whom you will approach later.

It might sound like an uphill task but at the end of the day, remember that property is a commodity that we all need. It is a stable physical asset that will provide steady, long term gains through the power of compounding and this has been proven time and again.

Property development and real estate is the best way to create wealth, a wise investment indeed. However, make sure you are ready to start investing in real estate armed with knowledge and skills. Self-managing might sound like a money-saving option with a lid on all issues for now but it severely depletes your ability to grow.

Don’t let your first investment be the only one, while doing it alone can be daunting don’t let it deter you. Many property investors and homebuyers are opting for services of experienced property strategists such as Brenex to aid them right from the starting line. You can find out more about them at

Let expert property strategists structure your individual needs, formulate a plan for financing your property investments, or review your existing portfolio. There are numerous considerations and qualified professionals will be able to guide you in the right direction.

A good understanding, proper planning, and an expert team around you can make your investment secure, grow your property portfolio that will generate strong income, and get good tax benefits.

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