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Is It Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident? 

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A minor car accident results in damages of $1,000 or less. Minor accidents are more common than major ones but can be just as traumatic and confusing. You may think that you don’t need a lawyer for such a minor issue, but the truth is you may not know what to do when it comes to insurance claims or dealing with the police, click to see. You might get many different opinions as solutions to such a troubling question. At Joel Leppard, we have designed this post to guide you through finding your own answer.  

When Is it Worth Getting a Lawyer? 

Cars are big and bulky, which makes them dangerous in even the tiniest accidents. This can lead to a lot of confusion, which is why you should get a lawyer if:  

  • You aren’t sure of what insurance claims you need to file. 
  • Your insurer isn’t paying your claim.  
  • You are seriously injured. 
  • The other driver is at fault but denies it. Your insurance company may be able to get them to admit liability and compensate you appropriately if they have legal representation. 

These are things you should not do on your own, as it can affect your ability to get the reward or damages you deserve for injury.

Filing Insurance Claims

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If you have been in an accident, then immediately call your car insurance company. They will assess whether the other party is at fault and whether they are insured. Your insurance company will then give you a claim number to follow up with them later. You can’t pay out of pocket without receiving authorization from them.  

If you have a car insurance policy, then you need to make sure that you get your insurer involved as soon as possible. However, if you have an uninsured motorist policy, then you will be held liable. In this situation, it’s a good idea to get in touch with your lawyer immediately. Your lawyer can deal with the other party’s insurance company while you focus on your health and recovery. In addition, they are more likely to accept liability quickly if they know they are dealing with an attorney. Even if you have insurance, they often delay the processes and it may take a long time to receive your claims. It will be advantageous for you to get an experienced lawyer for car accidents, who can promptly review your situation and resolve cases quickly. Being fully aware of all the details in the process, lawyers negotiate fair compensation for you and protect your best interests.

What to Do in the Meantime

While you wait for your insurer or lawyer to negotiate, you should take photos of the damage to all parties involved. Take pictures of injuries, the site of the accident, and any paint transfers on your car and others. The law says that police need to be notified within 24 hours of the incident, so note that. If possible, find witnesses and get their contact information. 

Benefits of Working With a Lawyer in Minor Car Accidents  

Working with a lawyer is a great way to get better results. Here are 10 benefits of working with a lawyer in minor car accidents: 

 1. A lawyer is more likely to get you the money you deserve because he or she will be able to use their legal skills to make sure that all the bases are covered. 

 2. A lawyer knows how to deal with insurance companies and knows if they have paid enough. They can then advise you on what to do next if they haven’t paid enough. 

 3. A lawyer will know if the other party is liable and whether you need to file a lawsuit. He or she can then deal with the other party’s insurance company on your behalf, ensuring that you don’t have to be involved in legal proceedings. 

 4. A lawyer will know what evidence to gather and what documents to get for your case to be successful. He or she can help you recover by getting evidence that proves your point of view and documenting everything that happened in the accident. 

 5. A lawyer is more likely to make your case a priority. He or she will prioritize your case and deal with it as a matter of urgency. 

 6. A lawyer knows how to use all the available legal methods to ensure that you get the results you need. If there is something that can be done, then a lawyer will know about it. 

 7. A lawyer will know how to handle insurance companies and the courts. They know how to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve. 

 8. A lawyer is more likely to prioritize your case, which means that you don’t have to do anything beyond dealing with the insurance company or dealing with your own medical treatment, such as filing a claim with your doctor. 

 9. A lawyer will know how to collect your evidence and get it to where it needs to be. This means that a lawyer can take care of all your evidence, get the medical documents you need from the hospitals, and take care of any other documentation you need that may be necessary for your claim. 

 10. If you are seriously injured, a lawyer will know how to protect you from further damage. If you are seriously injured and can’t personally deal with the insurance company, then a lawyer will know how to protect you from their actions. In addition, he or she will be able to negotiate with their lawyers and ensure that any settlement will include payment for your medical treatment to date and any future treatment you may need. 

However, no claim is too minor for a lawyer. Even if the damage is insignificant and there don’t appear to be any injuries, it can still be worth getting in touch with a lawyer. Minor car accidents are common, and you may get involved in one that causes you a great deal of inconvenience and distress. For a claim to be successful, it needs to be presented with enough information for the other party to understand why you are making it. ‘Minor’ car accident claims need to be presented with all the details and evidence necessary for them to make an informed decision about your case. 

Get in Touch 

If you have been involved in a car accident that has resulted in personal injury, then it is vital that you get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. If you have not reported the accident to the police, then obtaining details of any witnesses and photographs of any damage to the vehicle should be a priority. Any witnesses should also be asked to contact our lawyers. The exact circumstances of the accident can often become more complicated when different layers of insurance are involved.

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