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IPL Cricket Players & Their Favorite Bats

Cricket Bat

Every sport has different leagues besides National Tournaments. Some leagues are long-format leagues, and some are short-format leagues. And if we talk about cricket, IPL (Indian Premier League) is now one of the most significant leagues of cricket. Players are selected from all over the world, and they are auctioned and bought by the different teams of the league. IPL is a big platform where every player can showcase their talent. Every player has great fans, and everyone is crazy about cricket & IPL. Although everyone loves cricket, it is a fact that everyone loves to watch batting the most, and that’s why batters have more fans. Cricket is a team sport, and every player contributes to the game, but IPL is famous and successful because IPL has the most expensive and skilled batsmen. And these batsmen are renowned for their cricketing shots, style, and look. Let’s look at some players and the players grade English willow bats they use.

The bats of some of the most prominent players

Every time a batsman performs well or scores fiercely, people: including kids, young players, and fans, get attracted to the player’s bat. And they wish to buy that bat for their playing. In the game of cricket, players use only specific and specially designed bats. They get their cricket bats designed according to their requirements. Players always carry a kit of 3-4 same bats so that if one bat breaks, they can use the bat of the same profile and shape. And like that, many famous cricket players in IPL use their favorite bats only. The first player is the former captain of Chennai Super Kings and the Indian Cricket Team, MS Dhoni (Mahendra Singh Dhoni). He is also considered as an excellent finisher and captain. MS Dhoni is a very skilled and fit player. He uses the Spartan MSD 7 Limited Edition Bat whether he is batting in the match or practicing in the nets. 

The next player is the very famous Virat Kohli, the captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) team from 2011-to 2021, but he is currently playing as a batman from the RCB team. He uses his unique and favorite bat, which MRF crafts. The name of his bat is MRF Virat Kohli Limited Edition English Willow. And other batters use only specific bats. Batters like Kieron Pollard from Mumbai Indians Team uses SS Gladiator Player Grade Bat, Shikhar Dhawan from Punjab Kings Team uses Kookaburra Kahuna Shikhar Dhawan 3.0 Bat, KL Rahul from Lucknow Super Giants uses only SG KLR 1 Bat, and many names will keep adding to this list.

Wrapping the conversation!

All these bats are designed with players’ input, like how much length, weight, and edge are suitable for them. When they are done with these details, they get to play with their customized bats, and afterward, these bats become their favorite bats. If you are to get a new bat for yourself, you must make sure that you know what you need and what your body can carry in the best possible manner.  You must buy Customised Grade 1 English Willow to have more significant knocks on the innings.

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