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iPhone Slow Search Term Peaks Again

iPhone slow

iPhone Slow

The folks over at Statista have come up with an interesting metric on the search term “iPhone Slow” that seems to spike for a period of time right around the time of a new iPhone release. 

This correlates with what I would call “new iPhone envy”.  That feeling you get when your device, that has been functioning quite well for some time suddenly becomes less attractive. You know, when a friend or colleague shows off their new iPhone and yours suddenly feels old and slow and lacking in many ways. 

Statista reports, “According to Google Trends data first cited in a New York Times piece last year, Google searches for the term “iPhone slow” have peaked once every year since 2008 with each of those peaks occurring right after Apple released a new iPhone model”.

Infographic: The
You will find more statistics at Statista

Statistic points out that there are likely two explanations for these spikes.  Apparently this psychological phenomenon occurs when the iPhone using public becomes aware that a new model of the iPhone has become available. They tend to believe that their iPhone is getting slower.

The other explanation, which I think is right on target, looks at the iOS update/upgrade that usually accompanies a new model of iPhone.  This looks like the most probable cause since an older iPhone may not run as smoothly on the new iOS as the latest model. Even though Apple goes to great lengths to ensure backwards compatibility with older devices, it is inevitable that some older models may not run as smoothly on the latest iOS.  These users are likely Google’ing the term “iPhone slow”, hence the spike in search volume for this term. 

What ever the reason, the spike is just that, a spike.  The numbers level off again after just a week or so.

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