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iPhone Calendar App: How To Master It?

iphone calendar app

CalendariPhone Calendar App: How To Master It?

The iPhone calendar app is considered the best in the smartphone industry due to it’s ease-of-use and the ability to sync your calendar with other apps especially social media, making us remember each and everything so we never have to face consequences of forgetting. Even if you have more than one account in use, you can always sync them as well.

Go to settings-> Mails, contacts, calendars -> Add account (here you’ll find various options such as Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, Google), Choose and setup your account (username and password) and swipe right on all the options (mails, calendars, notes and contacts).

How to drag and drop to rearrange your schedule?

When in the calendar app first click on the required date (For example 1st January) and then on the ‘List button’, it is left button on top right. Tap and hold the desired event to move it around in the time slot you desire. You don’t have to type and enter each entry! This saves a lot of time!

Sync your Facebook events

Whilst in the calendar app, swipe from the bottom middle which would open up a menu, scroll down and you’ll find Facebook events (this can only be available if you have synced your Facebook account to your iPhone), click on it and you shall find all your events in your calendar.

Add events from email

Open your mailbox and tap the time in the email (the one you have received), a list of options would scroll up and click create an event. Add the name of the event and Voila! You just created an event without any hassle!

Create automatic alerts

Go to settings->Mail, Contacts, Calendars and scroll down and you’ll find an option of ‘Default alert times’. Choose the option you want for each type, such as for birthdays do you want alerts a day before, a week before or a few hours before. This would help you in remembering and you’ll never forget an anniversary or a birthday since your iPhone would remind you ahead of the event!

iPhone’s have been made to make our lives easier and to facilitate multi-tasking; there is more than amazing colors and camera. If one uses each and every app to its full use, our lives shall become easier to handle, especially for the hectic lives we live. Organizing and unifying our work with our lives is becoming a necessity which is what an iPhone was built for.


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