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iPhone 7 Predictions Another Apple Luxury

iPhone 7 Predictions

iPhone 7 Predictions

Another Apple luxury will be revealed in 2016 for all of us iPhone lovers! iPhone 7 Predictions are already pumping up the curiosity fever day by day as the iPhone 7 will inevitably be announced in the coming year. We can surely count on the device being beautifully crafted among other things that will compel us for an immediate takeaway.

Apple is famous for consistent technology upgrades. A number of pundits predict that the new iPhone7 will also feature some exceptional upgrades like the A10 processor with six cores, to continue the journey of its legacy. This rapid advancement is a total shock for all the technology experts because a revamp from two to six cores will open up a number of possibilities.

As per rumors, Apple will also modify the design from the current iPhone series, similar in terms of design. IPhone 6s and 6s Plus offered 4.7 and 5.5-inch screen size, whereas, the new iPhone 7 will likely expand its screen size up to 5.7 inches for the Plus model. There is also speculation that the new iPhone will have a more resilient sapphire glass display.

Some other possible changes might include a non-metallic body which would be a first. I’m not sure how iPhone lovers would react to that.

Some speculate that the new iPhone will be waterproof and the chance of this addition is quite high.This feature truly provides a complete sense of satisfaction and security to the users that their new iPhone will remain free from any damages should it accidentally fall into water. Also, the patented home button in the former iPhone series will not remain there in the next generation phone. This would add additional space to the display so that the user enjoys the advantages of a bigger screen. However, still it is expected that this option will be shifted to some other place on the screen (waiting to see what’s decided).

Another notable thing is the patented curved wraparound in old iPhone versions which might remain the same in the new iPhone. If you are a fan of this curvaceous wraparound, then this will be great news for you.  Gesture entry passcodes, integrated sim card, and wireless charging are some other features that may appear in new iPhone 7.

It is inevitable that Apple will bring another hit to its lovers. We can only wait, watch and dream about how it will capture our attention.

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