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iPhone 7 Jailbreak: PANGU Releases Tools

iPhone 7 Jailbreak

iPhone 7 Jailbreak

Apple’s new OS for its mobile devices was just released a few days ago. However an Italian hacker, Luca Todesco claims to have successfully developed an iPhone 7 jailbreak. Taking to Twitter to show off the result, Todesco wrote ‘obligatory Cydia screenshot’ and it promptly took everyone by surprise. It is pretty surprising for a jailbreak to be confirmed this early after the release of an OS.

Moreover PANGU, a Chinese hacking group infamous for a variety of jailbreaks uploaded the tools to jailbreak iOS 10. It is to be noted that PANGU claims that the jailbreak is untethered (not semi-tethered). It means you don’t want to re-jailbreak again and again. It’s a hassle-free jailbreak. Pangu iOS 10 jailbreak process is somewhat different from previous jailbreak methods. The user must create a custom IPSW file as the Snowbreeze Jailbreak process (before iOS 6.1.6).

The two methods listed on PANGU’s site areas follows:

Online Semi Jailbreak

-Very easy. But It only hacks the Safari browser to download 3rd party IPA files to your device. You cannot install system tweaks and system apps at all using Semi Jailbreak Cydia.

Untethered Jailbreak

-You can get iOS 10 root access from Untethered Jailbreak. You can download the fully functional Cydia, But, Still many apps are not compatible with iOS 10.

Apple isn’t far behind when it comes to securing the integrity of it’s devices. According to PANGU:

“Apple released the iOS 10 major version to public as iOS 10.0.1 on 13th of this month. previously, Apple has released the iOS 10.0.1 to the iOS developers as the Golden Master version (it is the final beta software version before release iOS 10). It means Apple released iOS 10.0.1 instead iOS 10. No one knows the reason for it. We can think that Apple wanted to fix iOS 10 beta Jailbreak with iOS 10.0.1.”

At this moment we are still unsure as to if Apple was successful with it’s hotfix.

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