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A Solution For An iPhone 7 Broken Home Button

Home Button

Home Button

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which were released only a few weeks ago, has been criticized for the removal of the headphone jack. Apple addressed the issue by providing an adapter and claiming that it took ‘courage’. Another controversial move by Apple made in their new smartphones is the removal of the physical home button. This a move that many people think hints towards a complete removal of the button in the next iPhone. Many people believe that the removal of the home button will occur with an all new, redesigned iPhone 8. It is expected to be released in late 2017, marking the iPhone’s 10th anniversary since its release in 2007.


With their new flagship, Apple has made the button force-sensitive meaning that there is no physical press going on when it is used. Instead, the phone vibrates, which is called giving haptic feedback, to indicate that the button was pressed. This same technique is used in the Apple Watch as well with the new Taptic Engine. The Taptic Engines works with the 3D Touch feature as well, which is only available on the iPhone 6S/6S Plus and the 7/7Plus.

Home ButtonA Digital Solution

Unfortunately, this new type of technology can be damaged by too much force. Not unlike most technologies, it can break if not used correctly. According to a MacRumors forum member, the iPhone 7 will give you a workaround in case this happens to your home button. There have been several reports of iOS 10 crashing and sometimes restarting the phone. This causes the haptic feedback given by the Taptic Engine to become unresponsive. Without the engine, the home button does not work. Thanks to Apple’s creativity, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus give you a digital home button, located on the bottom of the screen. This digital home button works exactly like the original. It is located directly above the flushed cut-out of the home button. iOS gives a warning that the button may need repair and that you can use this temporary one in the meantime.

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