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IPhone 6s cases for under $30

IPhone 6s cases

IPhone 6s cases for under $30

The iPhone is the most sold cellphone of all time. Every time a new model is released, people line up a day before to get the new model. The iPhone is on the expensive side and making sure that it adorns the best cover is also a need. Covers are also expensive, and some of them aren’t of the best quality as well. They may be expensive, but they don’t protect your iPhone and break the first time you accidentally drop your phone. So why waste a lot of money on such cases? Here is a list of the cases that are under thirty bucks for the latest model of the iPhone.


This company has launched an iPhone 6s and 6s plus cover. Since the 6s isn’t available in stores till yet, they know what they have in terms of dimensions and sizes. High in quality the cover is available in a black color. It gives an overall protection for your phone so not only the back, but the front and the corner is protected as well. It protects your phone from scratches, breaking, dust and water and is available for just $19.99 USD! It is really inexpensive as compared to others in the market and offers better quality.


Made by the same company, this case is all clear and shows off the back. It gives the allusion that you don’t have anything for a cover. It is shock resistant so in case of any mishap, your smartphone would remain intact. It protects the sides as well as the back. This one is available for just $14.99 USD.


The case by Sahara is available at amazon for just $21.95 USD. It isn’t bulky so it doesn’t make you feel like you’re holding a rock in your hand. Available in a variety of colors, the case is made by actual iPhone repair engineers, so know that it is made by the best and by people who are well aware of the iPhone.  It is slim and sleek and also comes with a glass protector to protect your screen from breaking or scratches.

Identity Custom: The case from Identity makes sure that your phone survives even when dropped from a height of four feet. It comes in various colors, both single and double, giving your phone the extra oomph. You can choose a color according to your preference and give it your identity. Available for $29.99 USD, it is sleek and slim and doesn’t give a heavy weight and bulky feel to your phone.

Defender Series Shell: Just like its name, the defender series has a dual shell to make your phone even more secure and adjusts according to the shape. It has internal foam which gives further protection to your phone plus protects it from getting scratched by the case material. It is available at a price of $29.95 USD.

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