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iPad and iPhone Have More Functions Than You Know

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You may have an iPhone or iPad and may not know how you can benefit more from it. This page makes a list of seven functions you should learn. Try them out for yourself and you will have a reason to be a loyal user of these Apple’s devices.


Many Smartphone users struggle with low power problems and this issue has made power banks sell like hot cakes. As an informed Apple user, you do not need to buy a power bank, instead, make use of Airplane Mode by turning it on to-

  • sustain the power for longer periods
  • Increase the speed of charging your phone.


Apple has also identified the need for improving the keyboard to make typing easier.

  • You can split your keyboard into two halves and move them to any point of the screen where typing will be more comfortable for your two thumbs. Your
  • Apple device can use a Bluetooth keyboard also make typing easier.

Invert Color

Another important need that has been noted is for the color display to be friendly to your eyes during the night. At night, just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Invert Color


When using your iOS device you should know how you can control your data bundles. This will help you get more from the internet with less downloaded data.

It is possible to save your data bundles when using Google Map services. You only spend a few bundles to get and save a new map and thereafter, refer to it when offline. Before using Google Maps learn how to make default google account.

Time Savers

There are also some hidden ways you can do more on your iOS device in less time.

  • Instead of repeating the whole calculation again, just swipe your finger from left to right on the accidental error you have entered in the Calculator app.
  • Get the right spellings by typing more letters in a word.
  • The space bar now has a new function in helping you start a new sentence. Pressing on it twice, there will be a period put to end the ending sentence, a space given and a capital letter used to start a new sentence.
  • There are Siri Commands that just do what you ask like setting an alarm, and many more

Control Center

You do not need to unlock your phone to open the Camera app or other handy apps on your iPhone or iPad. Just swipe up on the screen to access the Control Center.

Become smarter by making use of your earbuds to take selfies and record videos after setting your phone to Camera Mode.

Also when your phone is playing music, use your earbuds to change tracks

Using your phone to level things with the help of the Compass app

Guided Access

There is an improved security feature under the Guided Access option found in Settings > General > Accessibility. This keeps the iPhone in a single app and gives you control over what features are available.  Once the feature is turned on you can access it by triple-clicking the Home button.


Just by reading these few functions, are you realizing the importance of getting informed about these hidden options? Let us know your favorite hidden features in the comments below.

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