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IPad As A Business Tool

IPad in business

IPad as a business tool

IPad in businessLike many of us I’ve used my iPad mostly for my personal enjoyment and entertainment from the time I brought it home. I have to admit that occasionally I would feel guilty when browsing the web or playing games or watching media because if that’s all I do with it, the IPad is a fairly expensive toy. However, these days I’m feeling less guilty and finding that I am using and depending on the IPad as a business tool more and more.

Of course the apps you use will vary depending on the type of business you’re in. In my case I have a sub-set of applications that basically make it possible for me to conduct business from anywhere I happen to be.


The productivity apps in my tool box, and probably yours as well include the iWork suite, Reminders, Calendar and Mail. I also use Bento and the Gmail app. These get a regular workout. I’ve added Microsoft’s One Note, which I like for managing lists, notes and ideas and like the other apps mentioned, there are both mobile and desktop versions that keep the files in sync.

In my line of work I’m finding the mobile versions of apps like WordPress, Google Analytics and others to be indispensable. These are vital to my clients and consulting business and it’s very convenient having them on the iPad and IPhone. I’m also using Dragon which is a cool dictation app that works really well and saves me a lot of keystrokes. You will need to use headphones with a microphone since ambient room noise will make your dictations useless.

If I need to illustrate something, I turn to IDraw for IPad. Need to map out a process when away from your desk? SimpleMind+ does it for me. I’ve used it for years on my desktop and the free version of the mobile app provides what I need.

ICloud, Dropbox and Google Drive all come into play regularly for moving files I need when on the go. Newsify manages the news feeds I typically use for research.


Skype, FaceTime and Messages keep the lines of communication open. The social apps, Facetime, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, keep me and my social groups informed of what’s new.

That pretty much sums up my use of the IPad as a business tool. Having a portable device with all these tools really improved my personal productivity and I am becoming more and more dependent upon it. Since I’m a fan of the old saying—“all work and no play…”, I still find time for “The Hobbit—Kingdoms of Middle Earth”…;-)

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