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ipad apps for students

ipad apps for studentsiPad Apps for Students

That new iPad you love so dearly shouldn’t be limited to home-use or to the dull transit from your apartment to the university. Living in an age where there is an app for virtually anything, it comes to no surprise that your tablet can do much more than run Instagram or Facebook. Your iPad can be your best study partner. With a myriad of educational apps designed for students, you can take better notes and upload them to the cloud or learn how to improve your learning skills. Here are three iPad apps for students that will help you get ahead:

Evernote Peek

This app is a great tool if you want to prepare for upcoming quizzes. Thanks to its beautiful yet simple design, you can capture anything: save your ideas, take scribbled or spoken notes etc.

What is remarkable about this app is that you can access its content anywhere. This is because Evernote works with any computer, phone and mobile device via the cloud. Furthermore, you don’t have to waste time searching for that lecture courtesy of it’s, “Find Fast” feature which allows you to search by keyword.

Wolfram Alpha

We all know that math can sometimes resemble a long-forgotten language. Luckily, there’s an app for this problem. Instead of putting together countless sheets with formulas and unreadable notes that explain them, Wolfram Alpha allows you access to detailed formulas.

What is more, it also displays graphics representations and step-by-step explanations of mathematical formulas. Soon enough you’ll fantasize about replacing your professor with this wonderful app.

Khan Academy

Ah, the famous Khan Academy app – a multi-verse of education, so to speak. This virtual academy offers you access to more than 4,000 educational videos. It has a wide range of topic from Physics to Philosophy and everything in between.

Simply select your domain of interest and enjoy your study. Thanks to the app’s features, you can track your progress, download videos for offline viewing and learn more about whatever you’re interested in for free from the comfort of your whereabouts.

All things considered, being a student has never been easier. With an assortment of apps available on the App Store, you can turn your iPad into a vast information source, making it your best study buddy. What is more, with so many free apps out there that offer valuable resources for students, getting ahead has never been easier or more… accessible.

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