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iPad Apps For Educators

iPad apps for educators

iPad apps for educatorsiPad Apps For Educators

Over the last decade technological developments have severely altered the landscape in many industries and domains. Education is one of them – especially in the case of iPad apps for educators. Luckily, there are many educational apps that cover virtually any need. From grading apps to presentation and science and everything in between, you are guaranteed to find what you need in order to do a good job. In this regard, Apple has everything that you need in order to teach: apps that make your job easier, books that delight and captivate and an entire virtual world that is full of learning possibilities for any type of student.

Grading apps:

TeacherKit By ITWorx Egypt SAE

Did you ever search for a quality app that serves as a class organizer and teacher planner? Well, look no further because this one is a must-have for all teachers. It not only acts as an indispensable tool but also as a grade book, assignment and attendance list.

Easily create a seating chart, record attendance, log behavior and keep track of your student’s grades with just a few taps. Thanks to its simple and elegant design and incredible functionality, TeacherKit spares you from the dullness of routine administration, allowing you to focus on doing a great job.

If this was not enough to convince you of its worthiness, then know that more than a million educators worldwide use TeacherKit for managing their time and activities.

Presentation apps:


It is a well-known fact that conventional presentations in the classroom have become obsolete, managing not only to bore your students but also make us teachers have a harder time keeping them interested and engaged. And who can blame them? Even we find the traditional “slide after slide” quite dull. However, the Prezi app is here to revolutionize the way we present information.

Thanks to its immersive slide effects such as zooming in and out, shifting to the left or right and flying from pattern to pattern, Prezi opens up your class to active learning and renders each lesson a comprehensive, memorable and delightful experience. What is more, Prezi for iPad allows you to create, edit, present and watch prezis in real time remotely. This means that as a teacher, you can present your presentation live to an audience regardless of its location, or follow along with their presentation, no matter where you are.

Science apps:

The Elements by Theodore Gray

While there are numerous apps out there that present the periodic table, the one developed by Theodore Gray is considered so valuable that some voices describe it as worth the price of an iPad alone! The Elements is not only a regular reference app but a rich and engaging story of the periodic table. Thanks to its innovative design it allows you as a teacher to provide your students with a beautiful and fascinating experience while teaching them the very foundation of chemistry.

Simply start the app and you’ll be greeted with a living periodic table where each chemical element is presented with an immersive sample. If you want to read about copper, for example, tap the copper pipe. To read about silver, tap the silver necklace. Instantly, you will see the sample enlarging, photographed in high detail and rotating 360 degrees on your iPad’s screen. Next to it, a sleek column of facts and figures, each tap-able so you can bring up more details and information about it via the Wolfram|Alpha engine.

All things considered

The use of iPads in the educational domain has increased dramatically in the last years. This fact should come to no surprise given the many benefits it brings both to teachers and students through the apps that not only allow educators to better manage their time, but also enhance their teaching methods.

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