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IoT Video Doorbells Will Help Keep Your Kids Safe 

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More than 3.4 million doorbell cameras are set to be sold this year,  with the United States accounting for most of the sales, according to a report by Tribune Publishing. Installing a smart video bell is an affordable measure that will make your life and that of your family members safer. What makes these gadgets valuable is their versatile capabilities, geared by their high-definition 1080p cameras and 2-way intercom,  among other trendy features. These doorbells will provide an array of security benefits for your kids and pets when you are home or away.

Giving You Peace of Mind While You’re Away

Leaving your children behind can be a stress trigger, whether they are on their own or with a babysitter. Trendy video doorbells have playback DVR function which lets you review video footage of who comes in. This will allow you to decide if you need to have a chat, or if you can trust your current babysitter. You will also be at ease if you use the 2-way intercom to talk to your children while you’re away. Also, watching live feed from your smartphone while at work will let you see who your kids talk to. Besides monitoring your children, the video camera technology allows you to keep an eye on your pets, thereby ensuring their safety. 

Discouraging Potential Thieves

IoT doorbells have built-in motion sensors that will trigger video recording anytime someone is at the door, and notify you of the same. Having such a visible camera is effective because robbers will know they are being recorded on video, hence choosing to leave. If the worst happens, the video can provide tangible evidence which will assist police in catching the robbers and recovering your property. Also, video footage will solidify your claim to your insurer, and they will process it quickly. When looking to purchase, read online consumer reviews and check the fine print because storage and picture quality varies with different brands. On that note, some companies offer as much as a 30-day trial without additional costs or subscriptions.

The front door is one of the most vulnerable places in your home because it is the first choice of entry among intruders. Traditional bells have been around for a long, and until recently, there has not been a better alternative. A smart video bell will let you know who is at the door and the nature of their business, right from your smartphone. This means improved security for you and your family members.

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