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iOS App Developers – Don’t Skip On These 9 Important Things

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iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world and there is a huge demand for iOS application developers across the world. The industry has witnessed rapid growth in the recent time and the popularity of iPhones and iPads has paved the way for iOS app developers to apply their skill and experience to develop some amazing apps for the users.

However, the process of iOS app development involves vision, passion, knowledge, and experience, as the huge demand and usefulness of iOS applications have made the job of developing iOS apps difficult and here we will talk about 9 things you should not ignore when developing iOS applications.

Architectural Patterns

If you are planning to develop an iOS application, then you must be careful about the architectural patterns of your app. You will find a number of patterns that are widely being used across the industry. MVP, MVC, VIPER, and MVVM are some of the patterns you can use for iOS app development.

One common mistake committed by most of the developers is that they miss organizing the code in the hurry of reaching their goals. Thus, you should choose a pattern that will serve your interest and purpose of developing the application better as done by the best mobile app development company.

The Design Should Represent the Purpose

The design of your app should reflect the key features so that the users can understand its purpose easily. If the design is irrelevant then you can easily confuse your target audience. The menus and other key features should be simple for smooth operation.

You should know what you are doing and that is how you will able to make your application a perfect one for the users. The target audience should feel rewarded by the usability of the application.

Choose a Platform Carefully

There is no scarcity of platforms through which you can develop an iOS app. Here, you should know that you are developing the app for the iOS operating system and you cannot simply port to any platform for app development.

Thus, choose the right framework for better outcomes. Using Angular JS may not be the right choice for you. You can prefer frameworks like Meteor or React in the process. It is better to use generic code and open source products, as they are sponsored by large companies like Google, Twitter and more.

In addition, if you are planning to reach cross-platform for greater visibility, you should keep eyes open towards the app design and adjust it with the accordance of platform type as done by a reputed mobile app development company.

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User Do Not Like Waiting

Your app should not take too much time to open, as this can irritate your users. Remember, if your app takes more than 5 seconds to open, the user might rate it with negative remarks. Consuming too much loading time means bad user experience and that is why you have to make it faster using efficient iOS app development software.

If you want to make it interesting, you can feature some animations as a loading indicator. This will engage the users and assure them the app is still working. In order to make the user experience better, developers often include a progress indicator.

Do Not Ignore Onboarding Stage

In many cases, people do not open a particular application even once in a month. This is because either they do not need the app or they do not understand how to operate it. The onboarding stage will help you to determine how often the user is using the app.

A fast walkthrough of your application may help a first-time user to enjoy a glimpse of all the features along with its usefulness. If your app is filled with heavy content, a walkthrough can help your users to understand everything. This will be the best way to learn iOS development in 2019.

Dependency Management

This is something you should not miss or ignore when developing an iOS app. Apps require third party libraries and you will have three ways to manage dependency when developing the app. If it is a Swift and Objective- C Cocoa project, you can choose CocoaPods as the dependency manager.

It comes with thousands of libraries and such a huge amount of libraries will definitely help you to work on your project elegantly and this one of the best ways to have dependency management. Objective C concept in iOS is one of the most important things you should not miss.

Don’t forget about Certification and Provisioning Profiles

If you are working on an iOS app, then you should give importance to these factors. You will need certification in the process for code signing as this will help your app to work well on an authentic device after iPhone app development.

Development and distribution are the two certificates you will need in the process. These certificates will help you to deploy development builds and ship the app to the App Store.

Open the Customizable Option

You should allow your users to personalize the app, as this will give them a sense of ownership. The app you have developed should have a customizable option. Features like fonts, color, privacy setting are some of the options that can be customized by the users.

Try to make the option compelling but remember that it should not affect the usefulness and function of the application. Thus, work on your project with a custom dashboard so that the users can play with the options and keep what they like. Making an app open for customization is among key iOS developer job responsibilities.


IOS automation testing is one of the most important things you should not ignore when developing and deploying a mobile application. Before you launch the app, you have to test the app on several real devices. This will ensure that your app will remain functional on every iOS device. Before you lunch the app, you have to test the app on a number of real devices. This will ensure that your app will remain functional on every iOS device.

When testing the application on real devices, make sure all the options work perfectly and which are the areas that need modifications as done by affordable iOS app development services. Make sure the color, appearance, and animations are relevant and suit the app. If any work is needed, you can do it before making the app available to the public.


These are some of the important factors you cannot miss or ignore when developing an application for iOS devices. The development of mobile applications requires knowledge and skill. If you are planning to pursue an iOS developer course, you can search for how to become an iOS developer 2019 on Google to find a number of solutions.     

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