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iOS 9

iOS 9

September is almost upon us, and with it will come the new line of Apple devices alongside the brand-new iOS 9. This time as with all other iterations of the iPhone arrives a big new release of iOS.  This is expected to be a real treat to anyone who owns an iPhone or iPad with the iconic OS going through  a transformation each time with features being added or fine-tuned and with each evolution hoping to provide the most advanced user experience possible

To ensure the quality of their product Apple releases an untested OS in its beta stage which then becomes available to software developers and some members of the general public. Many of these people along with the major technology publication believe that Apple have outdone themselves with their best ever iOS. We’ve already witnessed the individual changes that have arrived in this fifth beta release, and should expect to see a few more before the final version becomes ready to be enjoyed by users.

As with all beta programs, iOS 9 has seen its fair share of bugs or issues in general function for the not so tech savvy, but the beta has fulfilled its purpose in allowing such problems to be ironed out.. There has been a very noticeable boost in performance. Battery life is as stable as iOS 8 has been in the past, and we’ve not yet experienced any of the network connectivity dropouts that plagued earlier releases of the beta. The new beta it seems is miles ahead of the previous betas 3 and 4. It’s more stable, it’s more responsive and to the uninitiated it wouldn’t seem like a beta at all. Although there have been instances of apps crashing but it seems you can only expect so much from the beta version.

For those who have tested the new OS it is clear that Apple is just putting the final flourishes onto its finest achievement. Two more beta versions should appear before the launch in September, but if what we see in front of us is anything to go by then it becomes obvious that Apple is getting ready to give iOS 9 the crowning touch.

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