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iOS 9: Lost Mode Runs Longer On “Low Power”

Low Power

Low Power

iOS9, Apple’s latest operating system, introduced the brand new Low Power mode which enables the phone to keep functioning for longer periods of time. The mode, which automatically activates when your iPhone is running low on power sacrifices performance for longer battery life. Cutting down on as much as 40% processor power, this mode can enable the user to use the iPhone for an additional two to three hours.

Lost Mode

With iOS 9, Apple has enabled the iPhone to simultaneously use “Low Power” and “Lost Mode”. “Lost Mode”, a mode that marks your iPhone (or other Apple devices) as ‘missing’ and allows Apple to track it, when used in conjunction with Low Power mode makes for longer uptimes for you phones, therefore, a longer period of time when your iPhone will be updating its location. This consequently will increase the chances of the iPhone being found or recovered.

The “Lost Mode” in itself has many other features which will make the recovery of your iPhone more successful for example, airplane mode cannot be activated in “Lost Mode” neither can Wi-Fi be disabled. Unfortunately however the iPhone can still be turned off, although this is rumored to be addressed in the future by Apple.

The mode can be activated by finding your phone on iCloud.com and then clicking “Lost Mode”, note however that your iPhone will require your passcode to be unlocked afterwards. The best thing about this feature is that you do not have to do anything else to activate the “Low Power” mode since it gets turned on automatically with “Lost Mode”. To deactivate the “Lost Mode” you either have to enter your preset passcode or the passcode you set when the phone was put in “Lost Mode”. “Low Power” mode is turned off automatically after your phone exit’s “Lost Mode” and resumes the normal functionality.

This is one of Apple’s many recent changes for the good of the user that not only assists the consumer but also sets the stage for a truly next-generation operating system. By utilizing the Low Power and Lost Mode features together, Apple has provided its consumers with the ability to increase the chances of finding a lost device.

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