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iOS 9.2 Has Battery Display Issues

iOS 9.2

Apple has lately been facing a bit of criticism because of the fact that a lot of users reported a major issue with their battery display so Apple admitted on it’s official support page that the iOS 9.2 version has been the cause of battery problems for your iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus devices. According to them the glitch makes the battery percentage display freeze and because of this the correct battery level or charging is not reflected in the display. Consumers were concerned that the batteries of their iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were faulty but Apple assured them that this is not the case.

Apple has also been helpful enough to post a way to fix this issue temporarily, while a permanent fix is being worked on. In Apple’s own words it “is aware of this issue and is investigating the cause and a [permanent] solution.”

For the temporary fix follow the these steps;

  1. Restart your device
  2. Now in “Settings” go to “General” and under “Date & Time” ensure that the “Set Automatically” option is turned on.
  3. If the issues persist and you did not change the time zone/time on your iPhone then contact Apple Support.

According to the same post the issue is caused by the time zone shifts, which might take place because a user is travelling or adjusting time for daylight savings, however a thread on Apple’s Support Communities states that the issue is not caused only by the time zone shifts but that the bug was observed long ago.

In previous years a lot of issues arose with time and date settings of the iPhone. A bug was reported for several years which would break alarms when the iPhone’s automatic daylight savings adjustment was activated. Another bug reported in 2013  that “do not disturb” option would be activated because of the daylight savings adjustment.

Lets hope that the issue will be properly dealt with in the iOS 9.3 update. The new update has already been released in public beta to testers and it will fix a lot of reported bugs as well as add a new feature to the iPhone which will filter out blue light so that users can sleep better.

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