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iOS 8 Alternate Keyboard ‘Ginger’ Has Custom Themes, Powerful Rephraser, Grammar Checker And Translator

ios 8 alternate keyboard ginger keyboard

Ginger Keyboard is no longer available for iOS


We have said this once and we’ll say it again, iOS 8 alternate keyboards are going to be the iOS biggest user experience revolution since cut-copy-paste, and multi-tasking! We have already covered Minuum, and today we will discuss Ginger Keyboard.

ios 8 alternate keyboard ginger keyboard

All The Standard iOS 8 Alternate Keyboard Features

By now, all the basics of a good iOS 8 alternate keyboard are implicitly agreed-upon: unless they are supposed to be secondary text inputs like QuickBoard, they must have auto-correction, auto-prediction, somewhat customizable, and support multiple languages.

Ginger Keyboard covers these bases with ease. Putting it in the same league as giants like SwiftKey, TouchPal, Fleksy, etc. at least feature-wise.

… And Then Some!

Ginger Keyboard, however, takes things up a notch. It offers a fair number of innovative features I have personally never before seen in any keyboard application.

  • Create Your Own Theme: Ginger Keyboard does come with its own built-in themes, but you have the liberty to customize keyboard background (picture / color), individual key color, and more. You can share your custom theme online as well.
  • Editing Tools: If you write regularly on your iOS device, you’ll be interested to know that Ginger Keyboard comes with surprisingly powerful sentence rephrasing, and grammar checking technology. It can turn dead sentences into vibrant professional work.
  • Translation: You can translate text directly from the keyboard app. It saves a precious few steps when you need to quickly interact with someone who cannot read English.

You can see these features in action in the video embedded below.

Ginger Keyboard has my curiosity. I do appreciate the innovation that goes behind including deep customization, advanced editing tools, and quick translation into a keyboard. However, I feel like I will not be using most of these features, which may negatively affect my typing experience. I am still waiting for SwiftKey to show off their work on their iOS 8 alternate keyboard.

Stay tuned to Cupertino Times! Our iOS 8 coverage will revolutionize the way you use your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch when it launches in two or more weeks.

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