iOS 11 Upgrade Available For Download Today

iOS 11 Upgrade

iOS 11 Upgrade

The very much anticipated iOS 11 upgrade is being released today.

Apple refers to iOS 11 as “a giant step for iPhone and a monumental leap for iPad”.

No doubt iOS devices, in general, will benefit greatly from this upgrade. Features like an App Draw inside Messages. Person to Person Payments. Improvements to SIRI and the introduction of SIRIKit to allow developers to utilize SIRI in their apps. The addition of HEVC or High-Efficiency Video Coding when recording video on the iPhone or iPad. Improvements to Photos. A New Control Center. Directories in Maps for shopping Malls and Airports along with the display of your speed and lane guidance. Significant improvements to CarPlay usability, Apple Music, and the App Store. And the list goes on.

iOS11 on Ipad

The iPad, in particular, will be transformed and propelled further as the premier mobile powerhouse for work, play, and learning. The bar has been raised in this upgrade and this version of iOS really shines on the iPad Pro.

With increased processing power in the iPad Pro and the introduction of ARKit augmented reality in games and apps is now a reality in iOS11.

Files App

I am personally looking forward to the new Files App. This was the one thing keeping me from moving to the iPad Pro for most of my work and leaving my MacBook Pro at home. All your files in one place where you can browse, search and organize. A dedicated space for recent files has also been added.

The New Dock

The new Dock being available from any screen is another big plus. Being able to open and swipe through apps instantly is a time saver and helps to facilitate multi-tasking with both apps available in Slide Over. I especially like that you can customize the dock with frequently used apps. Also the apps you‘ve opened recently or that are open on your iPhone or Mac appear on the right side of the Dock. This is another major convenience and time saver if you switch devices often as I do.

Drag’N Drop Between Apps

Being able to Drag’N Drop images and text between open apps is finally possible and another time saver. For example, grab an image you received in an email and drag and drop it into a message and you’re done.


One of my favorite features is being able to annotate just about anything with the Apple Pencil. How many times do you receive a form that requires a signature? No more printing, then signing, then rescanning to pdf and attaching the file to an email. Just open the file, sign it, Save, and Send. Also the ability to markup and add comments to docs you receive from others to review.

Scan and Sign

The Scan and Sign feature is another time saver for the same reason I mentioned above. You received a paper doc that requires your signature.  Just use the new scan feature and sign it on screen with the Apple Pencil then send the doc. No printing or rescanning necessary.

Instant Notes

Instant Notes is another winner. Just touch the screen with the Apple Pencil and start writing or drawing on the screen. Your work is automatically saved in Notes. You can add inline drawings in Mail and handwritten words are now searchable.

How Too’s

Apple has made a series of short videos to teach you the new features.  You can view them here.  There is also a page with a number of cool tips to get you on your way to mastering iPad Pro on iOS11.

To get the iOS 11 Upgrade just go to Settings > General > Software Update.

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