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iOS 10 Upgrade Connects On An Emotional Level

iOS 10 Upgrade

iOS 10 Upgrade

The iOS 10 upgrade is by far the most significant we have ever seen. I personally feel like I have a new phone. Performance improvements and new features are abundant in this new version and as expected they are really cool. This is what we have come to expect from Apple and they have not disappointed us. What surprised me with this version is just how much more personal the device feels to me. Apple has succeeded in connecting the hardware to our lives on a very personal level—more so in this version than ever before. When I say that iOS 10 has gotten very personal, I mean this in a good way.  Here are some examples.

iOS 10 UpgradeToday View and Widgets

Widgets allow you to customize your Today View so the information that is important to you is quickly available in the Today View from the Lock Screen. Simply swiping to the right in the Lock Screen and snippets of what’s important to you are at your fingertips. You can easily activate or deactivate widgets which removed the need to first unlock the device, hunt for an app, launch the app. To activate/deactivate widgets apply a little pressure to an App’s icon and choose Add Widget. Or scroll to the bottom of the Today View and click Edit.  This will bring up the lists of activated and deactivated widgets.  Not all apps have widgets.

Siri and Messages

Siri is getting better at what we all want in a digital assistant.  Siri’s integration with Messages demonstrates this very well since she understands what you want to say in Messages as well as the many different ways you’re likely to say it. Siri can also suggest responses to messages. Messages have more personality than ever. Send your heartbeat or kisses to someone special.  Use markup to personalize your messages, send a screen of balloons or use Invisible Ink to keep sensitive, personal digital conversations private.

iOS 10 UpgradeHealth App

Our individual health and well-being remain a very personal matter. The iOS 10 upgrade provides more insight to our health and well-being more than ever before. The Health App now consolidates health data from the iPhone, Apple Watch, and third party apps. Coupled with the Apple Watch real-time health data is captured and accessible from the Health app. When you open the app you are presented with four presentations on health subjects. Activity, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Sleep which contain good general advice. Body Measurements, Health records, Reproductive Health, Results, and Vitals are the data categories. Your medical records can be added to the app if your provider can provide the CDA’s (Clinical Document Architecture files).

iOS 10 UpgradePhotos

People and Memories are very important and personal in all of our lives. Here again, Apple has made that connection for us in Photos on an emotional level.  Photos automatically scans your photo library and will create albums of people in your photos.  Deep “machine learning” is at play in Photos as is facial recognition, and object and scene recognition. Places is another feature that will display photos you’ve taken on a map.  A great way to revisit a trip you’ve taken.

With the artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities built into Photos, Memories are now possible. Instead of searching for a particular photo, the hardware and software will intelligently group your photos and videos into memories.  Related images based on people, places or time are grouped into memories. These are not just folders containing static photos and videos. The software automatically assembles the content into presentations that you can play.  It even adds a soundtrack. The results are impressive and clearly, makes that emotional connection.

I am thoroughly enjoying iOS 10 on my iPhone 6s Plus. I really feel connected to the device on a personal level more than ever before.  Great job Apple!

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