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An Interview with Jay Kim: The Founder and CEO of JemJem

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Author Bio: Steven Lee is a Journalist, who loves to share his interviews with business owners. Steven has interviewed a number of business owners. This article was contributed by Jeremy Hill, who is associated with JemJem as an editor. JemJem is the top online retailer of Refurbished iPhones in the USA. He enjoys creating, uncovering and disseminating new and interesting perspectives on technology and mobile phones and tablets.

An Interview with Jay Kim

In our two hours of profound conversation with Jay Kim, a business tycoon that has eventually set a benchmark as the founder and CEO of JemJem, he never botched sharing some invigorating ideas.

He revealed the secret ingredient that could boost the self-assurance of people who nurture their dream of being a successful entrepreneur in diverse fields. On a side note, Jay talks regarding the challenges and the way of dealing with them that made him the proud owner of JemJem.

About the Company

JemJem is a foremost e-commerce platform offering refurbished and used Apple devices. The company was founded back in 2014 with an idea of providing quality products at the best price.

Steven: What was the motive to sell refurbished or used Apple devices over the internet?

Jay: When I started trading back in 2010 with a mission to offer an alternative option for iPad, I had to face a huge loss.  My company’s Android tablet was not doing well in the market due to the availability of low-priced Kindle fire tablets offered by Amazon. Also, people who were unable to spend huge bucks on iPad considered these Kindle tablets as a steal deal.

So we planned to purchase some used iPads from a leading e-commerce store e-Bay. We initially offered this device on our channel, and to our amazement, the sale was quite profitable. Thus; we started purchasing the Apple devices from almost every platform offering refurbished and used products and made them available on our website.

Steven: What according to you, as a successful entrepreneur, keeps a person moving towards their goal?

Jay: To be very honest, dedication and hard-work have no alternatives when it comes to chasing your dreams. “Only a dead fish goes with the flow”! I personally recommend that one should never lose hope and even if you are about to quit, just remember why you started? 

Steven: Everyone at some point in life faces failure, what was your experience when you witnessed failure?

Jay: When our biggest trading channel Amazon, suspended our services due to some complaints from a customer. The same happened in case of e-Bay when our account was suspended due to several claims. At first, it was a feeling of failure until I tried to figure out our inadequacies and started rectifying them.

See, “you have to fail 99 times if you have to be successful once”. The thing that matters is to push the limits and stay positive. Today our company is Amazon certified for selling Apple products and also recognized by Google and Huffington Post, which further motivates us in going further.

Steven: So tell us how does it feel to own a company like JemJem?

Jay: Well, like every entrepreneur, I also enjoy being the founder of a company like JemJem that has eventually provided enough job opportunities for people who are fervently working for us. In other terms, I can say I am overwhelmed with the passion of my employees towards the company. They all work as a team, as a family member of JemJem, and playing a significant role in the organization.

Steven: There exist some competitors in the market. Why is JemJem still the first preference among the clients?

Jay: See, as discussed earlier, we have learned a lot from our mistakes, which is perhaps the reason we are able to deliver the exact services and products that customers demand. We just can’t compromise on the quality of the products that are sold on our platform.

Steven: So you mean to say that your competitors are offering average or low-quality products?

Jay: Not sure about it. But yes, we emphasize on providing the best quality products from our end and also deliver exceptional services. So, we need not look at what our competitors are doing. Our thinking is to never compromise with quality and improving our services day by day.

Steven: How would you deal with a situation if your customers aren’t satisfied with the overall quality of your products?

Jay: Our quality team doesn’t leave any stone unturned in assuring the finest quality of the products sold on our website. Besides this, our policy to offer 90 days of warranty on the product doubly assures a user that they are getting the product, which is worth every penny.

Still, if there’s a concern of a client regarding any product, our support services would definitely resolve the issue. If still a customer isn’t satisfied, they can return a product as per our company’s refund policies.

Steven: There are several success stories out there in the market. What’s so special about yours when it comes to boosting the morale of people who wish to be an entrepreneur? 

Jay: (Laughs) Well, my story isn’t something really different from other entrepreneurs, but yeah, one thing that I must share is that we went totally into a different business what we initially planned and started. Imagine a company manufacturing their own tablets suddenly switches to selling iPads, iPhones, and other Apple devices, which were manufactured by one of our business competitors. I think this should be enough to answer your question!

Steven: What keeps back people from attaining success in your opinion?

Jay: I guess the biggest fear is of the unknown. I have seen people who always come up with strange excuses like, I have never done it before, this is not my cup of tea, what would if this plan fails, and the list goes on. This symbolizes a lack of confidence in them. So according to me, the very first ingredient to success is to “believe in yourself”, and to “take risks” remains in the second place. 

Steven: Thank you for taking time for the interview. It was an honor interviewing an entrepreneur like you. Hope our audience had the same experience. Would you like to share your secret to success with our listeners?

Jay: The pleasure is all mine! Hope this interview could motivate maximum people. As I mentioned above, there’s only one unvarying secret that I have learned from my journey is hard work, and learning from failure. 

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