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Instantly Check What Plug Type Is Used In Any Country With This iPhone App

app for checking what plug type is used in a country

Useful little app lets you check what plug type is used all over the world from your iPhone and iPad.

app for checking what plug type is used in a country

When I first traveled outside my country, one of the many first cultural shocks I received was the standardized plug type used there. With my phone battery and patience running low, I had to run around the local market to find a suitable converter that would fit in with my phone’s charger.

Now, through experience I have learned you should always do a quick Google search to find what plug type is used in the country you are traveling to. It saves a lot of hassle* later on.

However, an even faster method is to use Plugs of the World.

what plug type is used in a country ipad

Developed by EastWest Umea AB, the app lists the plug types used in over 200 countries all over the world. You can search for a country, save your regulars as ‘favorites’, see standard voltage levels, and of course see high-resolution photos of the plug-types, and the shape of the adapters that comfortably plug into them. You are additionally given the option to share said photos with friends and family via email.

Because it is paid – and because I do not particularly need this app at the moment since I am not travelling anywhere – I was not able to test it on my iPhone 4S. However, App Store reviewers are happy. Online reports paint a pretty picture. Go ahead and download it with confidence.

what plug type is used in a country iphone

Plugs of the World is available as a $1.99 download for iPhone, and iPad. Download it from the link below, and be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.

Download Plugs of the World for iPhone and iPad [iTunes App Store Link]

*Any traveler’s life would be so much easier if the entire world followed a set, standard plug-type. I wonder why there are so many different plugs in the first place!

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