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What To Expect While Installing iOS 10 Beta

iOS 10 Beta

iOS 10 Beta

Excited about the next version of iOS? The wait is over for the iOS 10 beta. It’s out there for all who are keen to test new software and experience the new features without any delay.

Apple’s Beta Software Program

Apple’s Beta Software Program is doing great. Launching this year the iOS 10 beta, with many new features and shortcuts. Though it is a pre-release software, it is very close to being the shipping build. You might want to hold back until the release if you have any concerns about buggy software.

You might be thinking whether I should install “iOS 10 beta” on my iPhone or iPad? If you use it daily or for professional, business purposes you might not want to take that risk just yet. But if you don’t like to play it safe and would want to enjoy the new features before everyone else, it is the best deal. Although iOS 10 is stable in general it might contain some bugs, apps like Airbnb, Camera+, McDonald’s and Facebook might not work as effectively as they should without the actual update. So better safe than sorry if you have concerns about crashing and apps hanging with broken features.


The positive side to iOS 10 is the number of features it is providing. The ability to add widgets from the Home and Lock Screen, removal of default apps, and adding 3D Touch shortcuts. Apart from these, the new Bedtime Clock and the split screen view for IPad users is a plus. My personal favorites are the iMessaging features, full-screen animations, stickers, reactions and much more. The list does not end here, you might want to look for yourself.

To enjoy these features make sure the other person also has iOS 10 public beta installed, otherwise, all the iMessaging animation features won’t be visible to that person. With all the good things to it, don’t forget it is still the beta version, which always has some bugs, reports say that Control Center, Notification Center, Music and the CarPlay are somewhat buggy. But not to worry as all these small issues will be resolved in the actual release.

Battery life

Battery life, another downside to iOS 10 beta version, as it is not fully optimized, battery life is worse than before for the time being. If you have a spare phone only than utilize the benefits it provides otherwise wait for the updated software. With time, improvements will come and better performance is expected, it is no doubt called the beta version for some reason.

We all know how hard it is to wait, but if you have concerns like some of the ones mentioned above then you should probably wait, in no more than few weeks the actual release would be up and running in all our iPhones. It is worth the wait, I assure you.

Author: Ayesha Siddique is a mechanical engineering student currently in her junior year. She has an obsession for automobiles and makeup.
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