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Instagram: The Perfect Platform For Your AudioVisual Content

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Initially launched as a photo-sharing app, Instagram has now taken its sweet spot between a photo- and video-sharing platform. With over a billion active users, it has become a major marketing channel for businesses. Moreover, the consumption of videos has steadily increased and gained widespread acceptance. As such, brands have now started to focus more on video content as it conveys a crisp and clearer message than photos. With this, Instagram video marketing has now become a major tool for brands to market their products.

With videos, less is more

With a rise in the content available for consumption, the attention one individual can give to Instagram videos has gone down drastically. Hence, it is critical that your videos are catchy and appeal to the target audience in the initial seconds. This is crucial as the few first seconds are also the most important because they help generate appeal and interest in the video and make the viewer stay focused for a longer time. An increase in the watch time of your videos helps relay your message in full.

You can create appealing and engaging Instagram videos to drive your brand’s growth. You may be someone who sells products online or operates a restaurant chain. In either case, a video that markets your offering can garner more footfalls or help drive sales. Most importantly, Instagram video marketing can increase the pace of your marketing efforts by leaps and bounds.  Think this sounds time-consuming? Read about Instagram automation and popular tools here.

Moreover, the addition of the “Stories” segment on Instagram has made the video marketing experience more widespread. Additionally, the 15-second limit on stories is enough to generate interest in the content that a user engages with. According to a Hootsuite study, short video adverts between stories tend to have a higher conversion rate.

Finding the target audience 

Many people that discover business pages on Instagram either find them through the “Explore” tab or through the hashtags they follow. This is where a good video marketing strategy can help expand your business.  If the first interaction that the user has with a brand is found to be appealing, it may help evoke interest in the brand.

Instagram videos help humanize the brand and build a seamless communication between the brand and its target audience. Byte-sized videos can help communicate a brand’s vision to its users and build a strong association with the latter through relatable content.

An exhaustive Quintly study recently reported that video content helps gather more interactions than images. More interactions mean a greater chance of conversion which can eventually result in an increase in leads and brand loyalty in the long run. The starting point of this long journey begins with an effective video marketing strategy.

Driving the video marketing agenda home through relevant channels

Some key pointers that you should keep in mind are to appropriately use hashtags that go with the brand ideology and drive the target audience. You must also think of mobile devices and consuming content in vertical media form instead of the traditional landscape format. 

An important thing to note here is that stories are given priority over feed posts as most stories are watched with the sound on whereas the posts on the feed load without sound. 

InVideo & Instagram: Two Smoking Barrels

As we see the growth of and on the Instagram space, there is no better time to realign your marketing strategy to include videos and increase your brand’s social media presence. It is imperative to know that these results are not fetched immediately and take a considerable time. Aligning your marketing strategy with your organizational objectives is crucial for growth.

InVideo’s Instagram video editor helps your business create stunning content to cater to the masses. You can use the eye-catching templates on InVideo’s platform to help your business prepare a virtual portfolio that gives a detailed description of the products or services offered. Happy marketing! 

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