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Instagram Strategies For Graphic Designers To Follow

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All creative people find social media to be extremely intimidating and graphic designers being the most creative people around are no exception to this universal fact. If you want to promote your graphic design business on Instagram there are however a few responsibilities that you should follow. These responsibilities are specifically assigned to the designers, the number of which seems to grow with each passing day.

Social media platforms of different kinds provide great opportunities for designers and Instagram seems to have the most in the offer provided you use it properly and effectively. In today’s world, simply having an attractive portfolio and an impressive resume may not prove to be enough to grab the attention of employers and other potential clients. You will have to take full advantage of the internet and make sure that you have an impressive presence on the web.

There is a lot of difference literally and otherwise in being notable and landing on an opportunity and being just another name in the pile. Instagram can help you bridge this gap much more easily and efficiently than other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube, and others.

Not just another tool

You must not consider Instagram as just another social media tool where you can establish a connection with other users or ‘Instagrammers’. It will be unwise if you do so and it will also be ineffective if you are intimidated by this platform simply because you do not know much about it and are unfamiliar with its features and abilities.

  • Designers have the responsibility to help the produce materials of their clients to market and not themselves. They are more comfortable using Instagram as a platform for it. It is all due to the evolution of social media that blends perfectly with the evolution of the design industry reflecting it in a more balanced way.
  • All those designers who embrace this platform and use it properly for their advantage usually find more opportunities for themselves. It is very much along the same lines as those people who have shifted from the traditional paste-up artwork to the more modern and innovative digital print production.

The social media platforms ideally allow you to demonstrate your work in a better and more effective manner to the people who may hire your skills. At the same time, it is also a useful platform to gain valuable insights provided to you by the people with whom you may be working.

Easy but strategic

It can be said that promoting a graphic design business on Instagram is very easy but it has to be done in a very strategic fashion. Since this is primarily a visual platform it is easy to make a presentation attractive to show it to others, unlike the IT companies that find it significantly hard to promote their business, the offers, and its advantages.

  • The first step in this regard is to create an account on Instagram. For this, you must fill your profile or bio with relevant, essential, and precise information. Everything that you create need not feature here but make sure that you include only those pieces that you are really proud of and want to share along with others.
  • The next step is to ensure that you post your content on a regular basis. This once again should not have to follow what others do. You may follow your own strategy to determine what and when to show your pieces to your potential clients and followers. If you are unsure about it you can take help from experts such as or any other as and when required.
  • Post anything that inspires you even if it is not created by you as there is no hard and fast rule that you cannot use Instagram Stories and take advantage of it as well. You can do a whole lot of things here to make your post attractive and one such way is to show the ‘behind-the-scenes situations, graphics, the tools used, and even the making of a process.
  • Set some ads in between as this will also help you a great deal to reach out to more people and at the same time enable you to gain more new followers. Another significant reason to use ads is that it will not require you to know about the tricks, compliance, and nuances of the Instagram Algorithm and its working process.

Have a checklist in hand and follow it if you want to run a successful Instagram account. Apart from that, work in collaboration with influencers for better results and clicks but make sure that these influencers are related to your forte so that they can boost your business. If you are unsure which influencer to use for your specific needs, you can check out the Influencer Directory for that matter.

Have a better focus

It all starts with a better focus to get your name out there as a professional or as a freelance graphic designer. For this you will need to know the two most significant things:

  • What particular work do you want to be recognized and known for and
  • Who are your clients that you want to do work for?

If you know the answers to these two majorly imperative questions almost half of your work is done and will make your work much simpler. It will also help you to know the persons for sure and the type of design service that is in demand in your region. Chances of any imagination or guesswork will be eliminated and you will know the exact place to start and your clients will know about your presence out there.

Your type and nature of work will be a good enough element alone to provide you with the relevant keywords and give you a proper place to start. All you have to do now is to look for places where you can find your potential clients to make an appeal.

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