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Instagram Optimization-Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Not Make

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Owners of small businesses work hard to increase their websites’ rankings on the result pages of search engines like Google. Only then can they spread awareness about their brand products to many online users who browse the Internet. In some cases, small business owners can even encourage these potential customers to purchase their products at available prices. Unfortunately, they often overlook the importance of opening a business account on Instagram and linking it to their business websites. Business owners can expect a significant increase in organic traffic to their sites by promoting their brand products on Instagram. In the process, they will also be earning higher profits.

What should small business owners consider when advertising their products on Instagram?

Industry experts state small business owners will soon realize Instagram to be an economical marketing platform. They can promote their brand products to a large online targeted audience and expect these customers to make purchases. In doing so, they only incur a fraction of the costs it takes to use other similar advertisement channels. Moreover, they expect a significant increase in revenue from sales. This can boost their bottom-line profits over time. These specialists caution business owners to keep in mind the following 4 factors when promoting their brand products on Instagram:

1. Use the link in their Instagram business account correctly

Owners need to attract online users having an active profile on Instagram to their business websites. For this, they need to know how to use the link on their business account correctly. Only then can they guide these potential customers to landing pages of their websites containing their brand products. In doing so, they should make proper use of the right call-to-action captions when uploading images of their products. This can lead to an increase in organic traffic.

2. Upload eye-catching pictures

If business owners want to convert Instagram users into potential customers, they need to upload eye-catching images of brand products. These images need to be of the highest quality as social media users cannot physically touch their brand products. They make their purchasing decisions based on photos they see on business websites on the owners. This is why small business owners should make good use of all the relevant image-enhancing filters.

3. Do not hesitate to upload creative sales promotion videos

Small owners can give ardent Instagram users a sneak preview of businesses through original videos. Through these interactive platforms, owners can provide their online audience a step-by-step guide on how they create their brand products. They can even answer interesting questions which these potential customers may have. This kind of engagement arouses the interest of Instagram users and helps to convert them into loyal customers. Many of them may even end up buying the brand products at the current prices.

4. Never forget to upload multiple posts

Small business owners with an active business profile on Instagram often overlook the need for multiple posts. They generally upload only 2 images of their brand products in a week. Many of them complain that there are other important matters to focus on when it comes to conducting their commercial operations. As a result, the owners do not see a significant increase in sales because they cannot attract enough Instagram followers. This is the reason why they should make it a habit to upload multiple posts in a day.

Common mistakes small business owners should avoid at all costs

Experts from credible New York SEO companies further caution small business owners not to make the following4 common mistakes when using Instagram:

  • Not using the right hashtags properly

Small business owners need to understand the importance of Instagram hashtags at the time of uploading their posts. These special features on this popular social media networking platform function as search queries. Business owners need to ensure the hashtags they use are relevant to images of the brand products they upload. Otherwise, they risk disengaging Instagram users with interest in their business. This is equivalent to losing potential customers and revenue in the market.

  • Do alter location tags

Business owners probably know that Instagram users who show interest in their brand products can come from various parts of the world. Many of these online users even go to the extent of purchasing products they are selling. This is why the business owners need to insert specific location tags on all the visual content they upload. Only then will the shipping companies the owners hire to deliver the products to the right places. Moreover, the owners should never alter the location tags even by mistake.

  • Make the username unsearchable

The username owners use on their Instagram business profile need to be distinct, concise, and legible. This is a special keyword that enables Instagram users to know what type of business they operate in the market. It should not contain any irrelevant characters or symbols which are likely to mislead online users. Otherwise, business owners may be unable to sell their brand products on this popular social media platform. Otherwise, the owners may see a drop in sales revenue.

  • Do not insert too many keywords in the bio and content

Business owners should include only a specific keyword in the Instagram bio. Only then can online users with an active profile on this popular social media networking platform find them. When these potential customers click on it, the business pages of these owners appear in top results. These owners should never insert too many irrelevant keywords in the bio as it may confuse their Instagram followers. They should also apply the same policy when including keywords in content posts.

The experts sum up by saying small owners can take their businesses to the next level by promoting their brand products on Instagram. This popular social media networking platform can enable them to attract a large online targeted audience. This is possible when they post eye-catching pictures of their products, upload creative videos, and constantly engage their followers. These business owners should also use the right hashtags and make their username searchable. Above all, they use location tags on their posts and insert relevant keywords in their bio. Only then will they be able to attract customers with success.

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