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Insert Promo Codes On Shopping Sites From iOS 8 Safari Extension ‘Promofly’

get instant ios 8 safari promo codes promofly icon

Used diligently, promo codes and discounts can save you hundreds of dollars every year. It was never easy to search and apply promo codes while checking out in Safari on iOS, but on iOS 8 you can use a Safari extension called Promofly to instantly find relevant promo codes on shopping sites just before checking out.

get instant ios 8 safari promo codes promofly icon

iOS 8 Extensions and Custom Actions

Extensions are changing the way we use our iPhones and iPads running iOS 8. We’ve seen extensions that allow you to view source code, bookmark links, get weather information at a glance, and a whole lot more. Because of the nature of their design, they are relatively easy to develop and solve small but important issues across iOS.

I myself have not yet grasped yet how big a game changer these extensions are going to be. As developers come up with more ideas, we will see a positive effect on our happiness with iOS, which had waned down with iOS 6 and 7 since Android was simply so, so far ahead features-wise.

Apply Promo Codes From iOS 8 Safari In A Couple of Taps

get instant ios 8 safari promo codes sort by value

The folks over at Redeemable have developed a Safari extension called Promofly. Whenever you are about to pay and check out on any one of the ‘thousands of [supported] online retailers’, you can launch* the extension from Share menu > Promofly to see available promo codes. Tapping on one automatically inserts it into the Promo Codes field.

You can also see, search for, and filter through the best and biggest money-saving promo codes from within the Promofly app.

get instant ios 8 safari promo codes

Promofly is a free download. Most promo codes are free to use, but some may require a monthly subscription to the Promofly app using in-app purchases. 1-month ($1.99); 3-month ($4.99); and 1-year ($9.99) subscriptions are available.

*Once you’ve installed Promofly, launch Safari, tap on Share, swipe left to tap on More, and toggle Promofly on from there.

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