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 Injuries Caused By A Car Accident

Car Accident

Car accidents are very dangerous. They can cause many serious injuries. There are insurance companies that provide compensation for injuries due to accidents. The injured person can claim this compensation by hiring a personal injury lawyer. His attorney not only protects his legal rights but also helps him to get his compensation so that his injury must not become a burden on his financial situation.

What should you do after injuries?

After such injuries, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will fight your case and ask the insurance company to give you the compensation amount. The Cueria Law Firm provides you with the Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers in Louisiana.

Here are several injuries that are possibly caused by car accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injuries 

This injury is caused when the brain is damaged as a result of the accident. This is the most severe form of injury. People may die from this injury. If a person somehow survives, he may suffer permanent disability. To get compensation, you can contact Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers in Louisiana.


Car accidents may result in spinal cord injuries. This may lead to paralysis. The paralysis may be total or partial, but the disability is permanent. Paralysis may lead to a life of misery and sorrow.

Back Injuries 

Back injury is another serious form of injury caused by car accidents. The spinal cord of human beings cannot bear too much weight. The disability caused by back injuries is very severe and the pain is also unbearable.


If the accident involves fire, it may cause burn. These burns are due to contact with fire, chemicals, or hot fluids, and they may leave permanent scars on the body. If the burns are very severe they may need skin grafting or injury.

Internal injuries 

If the accident causes stress on any body part, it may lead to internal injuries. Internal injuries are more severe than external injuries, as they are not visible. Many accidental injuries cause severe damage because of internal bleeding and not receiving proper aid at the time.


Car accidents may cause the breakage of bones and fractures. Fractures may be mild or severe. The most severe type of fracture is the pelvic fracture that is caused by stress on the pelvic region of the body. Fractures may lead to limb impairment or permanent disability. Fractures usually require surgery in which broken ends of bones are linked together and are formed again.

Facial injuries

Facial injuries can cause permanent damage to one’s appearance. They can disfigure the facial appearance of the person. Facial injuries are usually caused by broken glass or any other mirror that hits the face of the injured during the accident. Their treatment involves surgery.

Bruises and lacerations 

Ant friction or abrasion either with the road, glass, or any other object during the accident can cause bruises and lacerations. Many victims during car accidents are dragged across the road or the pavements. This may result in rashes.

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