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Infinity Loop: HEX – A Relaxing Challenge

Infinity Loop

Infinity Loop: HEX

Infinity Loop∞ Infinity Loop: HEX from Infinity Games is the new version of Infinity Loop. This is an engaging game with soothing music and no stress.  An imaginative puzzle solver that I believe will lower your blood pressure. Seriously, where other games get your heart racing and your pulse pounding, Infinity Loop: HEX is relaxing while being challenging. The soundtrack adds a soothing Zen like experience to the game.

Infinity Loop is a clever concept that has enjoyed over 30 Million downloads. The new version 2 uses the same concept but adds an immersive hexagonal board so you can build your infinite loops in a new way.  The object is to solve closed shape puzzles by linking smaller objects through a series of rotations.


Game Play

Completion of each level reveals a new hidden level. And there are a lot of levels.  In fact, the levels are infinite, just keep playing. The design is streamlined and elegant with very responsive play. The perfect puzzler when standing in line or during a commute.  I noticed that it seemed to block out the noise of whats going on around me and lets me dive into the challenge. With no timers or pressure to beat the clock, the game is both entertaining and relaxing.

When you first launch the app you will be asked to allow notifications, the choice is yours.  The game remembers where you left off so you will return to the last puzzle you were working on. You can gain access to the next puzzle when the current challenge is completed. You can go back and play previous challenges to sharpen your skills.

Infinity LoopClick on the four dots at the bottom of the screen to reveal an arched group of five icons. These provide options to turn the music on or off, check out the leader boards, and undo and restart the current puzzle. There is also an ADS button that gives you the option to spend $1.99 to remove ads.  A $ sign icon that does not seem to have a function is the last icon in the group.

Infinity Loop: Hex is available for iPhone and iPad and in the App Store and in the Google Play Store.

We posted a video of the first ten puzzles to our YouTube channel and we intend to post more as time allows.


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