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Indonesian Education System Uses The New Samsung A30 Smartphones!

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We all know that Indonesia has been the place where all technological innovation exists and occurs. That is why it is not odd to say that the Indonesian Primary and Middle Education Committee has recently decided to change the way they deal with their students and alter the way teachers act opposite to any subject.

That is why they asked for the valuable contribution of the Value Q website, which has been the primary retailer of smartphones in the country. Every Indonesian has access to fast wireless internet, so there is no need for physical presence at school since the classroom could easily be altered to a digital one.

Have you ever thought about giving your kids the chance to use their smartphones in an efficacious and educative way? Do you feel like the new technological gigs are not fulfilling their goals? Or you are still indecisive about whether or not it would be good to have interactive online classrooms, not only during the COVID-19 pandemic but also every once in a while?

For all these reasons, the Indonesian Schooling council has decided to make an official offer to Value Q for providing each student with a Samsung A30 smartphone so that he can log in to the class and interact with the teacher and his classmates.

What Are the Innovations of Samsung A30?

Everyone that has finally managed to hold a Samsung A30 would definitely know the difference from previous models. As we learned there are a lot of improvements to the latest models, that make it an ideal candidate for the reforming and transformation of the Indonesian schooling system.

First, all Samsung smartphones do share a common application where students can easily pass to the teacher their written assignments. Even though some of them cannot type their assignments there is always the chance for them to take a picture on camera and send it to the teacher. The latter can always read the assignment directly from the JPG file of the picture or use the application to transform it into a Word or PDF file. In this way, the teacher can also edit the responses of the student and send it back to him corrected. This is one of the most efficient ways that Samsung A30 transforms the traditional class into a new interactive one.

Another great way that Indonesian students benefit from the presence of the Samsung A30 smartphone is the direct connection to the school books database.

It has been apparent to everyone that besides the online libraries where students can find books and journals online, paying a fee for access, there is always the chance to check into the school library which is free for them. In this way, all students from different social and economic backgrounds can have the same understanding and the same opportunities to write their own assignments using information retrieved from the public school district unit where they belong.

How Is Indonesia Special In Transforming the Educational Process?

Indonesia has been one of the East Asian nations with the highest illiteracy levels. However, this all changed when it embraced the technological giants like Samsung from continental China, who made direct investments in factories over there. The cheap labor makes them come and establish a manufacturing business in Indonesia. The additional benefits for the Indonesian new generation have been easy access to technological equipment that the previous generations could only imagine having.

The average student today in Indonesia has access to the internet which has been only a dream for his parents, two or three decades earlier. The Value Q website has been helping the effort to transform the Indonesian economy from the service sector to the hard manufacturing industry which seems to have many profits for the country both in the economy and the educational progress of people.

Samsung A30 Has Been The Basic Equipment For All Indonesian Students

Being a smartphone that could be widely available to the masses, the Samsung A30 is the smallest and most lightweight phone that students can carry with them all the time. Especially in Indonesia where the wi-fi hotspots have been augmenting like mushrooms across the country, there is no excuse for any student to stay away from the learning procedure.

All teachers are equipped with a Samsung A30 from the school districts to ensure that the proper educational procedures for the e-class are followed according to the plan that the general government of Indonesia has voted on and implemented in all public and private schools.

This smartphone remains affordable for all, it can be charged in less than an hour and can give you a quality recording of any possible audio or video that is important to have during an interactive class. It can also help students in maths or physics by offering them a scientific calculator that can make their calculations right away and without losing time between class sessions.

Even when students want to talk to each other, there is a separate chat room (supervised by the teacher) where they can always pose their questions and cooperate with each other to perform assignments that are directly connected to the subject and reflect their grades when the time comes.


Value Q and the Samsung A30 smartphones have helped Indonesia a big time to score better in international measurements of the quality of education systems across the globe. Not only Indonesian students are now happier than their colleagues in other countries, but they also do score a lot better in international competitions among students of the same intellectual and age level.

Samsung has been the technological giant that brought innovation to Indonesia. The A30 model provided by Value Q has an excellent profile to serve all educational needs, while at the same time being a communication tool for all families in Indonesia relying on smartphones to talk to their members.

For all people that like the Indonesian tradition, it would be useful to take its paradigm and apply the online classes elsewhere.

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