India – Apple’s Next Stop!


According to a “Times Of India” report,  Apple is looking forward to increasing its retail presence around the world thanks to some new partnerships. It is also reported that the tech giants have made a solid deal with the consumer electronics retail chain ‘Croma’ which will help to build new Apple-dedicated retail spaces in almost six of its retail locations, in fact this works quite similar to how ‘Best Buy’ operates in the United States.

It is told that each Apple-dedicated retail space will be on an area of between 400-square-feet and 500-square-feet and its design will be inspired from Apple’s own retail stores that include the iconic wooden tables, bright lighting, and demo units. It is also being said that a handful of employees will be trained by Apple to showcase its products in Apple sections within each ‘Croma’ location.

“We are proud to partner Apple to launch the Apple Store in India and extremely bullish about it. These stores will be modeled on the global design and will offer the best experience to consumers, showcasing the entire range of Apple products.” – Avijit Mitra, CEO of Croma’s parent company “Infiniti Retail”

At the end of the previous month, Apple CEO Tim Cook met with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. It was revealed that the possibilities of bringing Apple Pay to the country and setting up a manufacturing base in India were discussed.

It is quite possible that we might see Apple setting up a manufacturing base in India because currently, Indian trade laws prohibit companies from opening manufactured-owned retail outlets unless a certain percentage of the manufacturing is done within India therefore if Apple manages to  set up manufacturing in India, it could theoretically open its own retail stores in the country too.

Recently the revenue for Apple in India broke a billion dollars which, of course, grew Apple’s interest in the Indian market.  The new iPhones, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus are planned to be made available to the public in India on the 16th of October whereas these stores are said to be launched by Diwali next month.

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