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6 Ways To Increase Your Business’s Organic Reach On Facebook

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For some time now, Facebook has ceased to be a simple platform for chatting and uploading photos, It has become one of the most powerful tools when it comes to getting clients and making a business take off. Its expansion would seem to have no end, are there are more and more brands that use it every day!

According to data released by Facebook, the average user would be exposed to some 1500 publications a day if their news feed was not filtered, but thanks to the work of Facebook’s algorithms, a person usually views 300 publications a day, which is still a lot!

How to stand out among so many competitors? Increasing the organic reach of your publications and getting more people to see them is a challenge that you can achieve by following these recommendations.

1. Relevance of Your Publications

If you have been managing your business Facebook page for some time, you have probably noticed that the organic reach of your posts has been reduced. This is due, as we said, to the fact that you are no longer alone in this medium, each day more competitors are added.

How to reverse this situation? Try to get more likes!  “Likes” are very valuable because only a small percentage of your followers will receive your message unless your publication has a score of high significance, which will depend on the level of interaction you receive (clicks, likes, shares, and comments).

You can measure relevance through the ad manager. Choose the post and select “ads in this campaign” to see more information. A score between 7 and 10 will make your post more visible to your followers.

The relevance score is composed of the amount of interaction minus the negative interaction, that is, those people who hide your publications or report them as Spam.

How to get a high relevance score without having to pay? You can start publishing high-quality content that is captivating to your target audience. Using attractive images and popular themes or even humor, which will increase your score. If it is relevant, put videos in your publications as fans tend to download videos using a Facebook video downloader if they find it interesting enough. That means they get to view your content at a later time and repost it on other social media platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

To connect with your audience make sure to review your content strategy and develop content according to what the statistics show. You should use tests and data analysis!

2. Can Organic Segmentation Help?

Of course—orienting your content to a specific audience will increase your relevance score. Try to focus your posts towards a certain group of followers that are more likely to interact.

Another option is to try different personalized audiences, which means that if you choose to republish your content, you can avoid showing it to the same people. This is a great way to check levels of interest.

Orienting your publications helps Facebook put limitations and filters to not show your content to those followers who are less likely to react. This will help increase your relevance score, which will lead to a higher organic reach.

You can base your orientation on gender, education, place, relationships, age, language, and interest. This organic segmentation has almost all the same segmentation options as paid promotions.

3. Content That Lasts Longer

Some publications can circulate through the networks for a long time, while others only remain relevant for a few hours, have you noticed? If you publish long-lasting content (usually fun or useful content ) you will see that a good organic reach is achieved, even months after it has been published.

This happens because your followers react, comment and share your publications, they are also visualized by their contacts, people who usually have similar tastes are sure to interact with your publication. It is a chain that is growing little by little.

Surely it has happened to you that a post you saw months ago reappeared in your news feed because one of your friends made a comment, that is the power of the lasting content! Posting posts that encourage interaction are crucial to achieving reach in Social Networks.

So, when you plan your Facebook posts, you should always try to make the content current and relevant. The more people interact with your post, the longer it will be seen! Which is essential for greater organic reach.

4. Share Content That Your Audience Enjoys

It is essential to know in depth your target audience to know what they prefer, are they more interested in watching videos? Do you enjoy reading extensive articles of your Blog? Keep track of your publications that get the most interaction and follow a similar approach for publishing new content.  If you have more than one target audience, what to do? You will need to perform several tests to understand the demographics.

Again, you can review your statistics and see how the content has worked for each of them, Facebook provides super detailed metrics, take advantage! If your followers have interacted with your images, you should continue to publish them while testing other formats and evaluate how they perform.

Also, remember that you do not have to produce all the content yourself, you can have people who work autonomously and collaborate with your publications periodically. On the other hand, if you come across articles, infographics or other interesting information on the web, share it!

Sharing is good, and your audience does not care much about who produces the content so long as it’s informative. In the long term, spreading material produced by others can help you increase your fan base and increase your organic reach. In addition, colleagues or companies in the field will thank you and may even give you a shout out. 

5. Perfect the Publication Process

Publish content when the activity of the competition is low, increase your chances of reaching the news feed of your target audience. Of course, the effectiveness of this technique depends a lot on your audience being online, you can see this information in the statistics of your Facebook page!

A more precise approach is to try publishing similar content at different times and compare the organic scope. You must be careful, the quality of the content is more important than the time, so a good publication can have better reach even if the time is bad.

When you discover the perfect time to publish your content, we recommend that you program your posts using the Facebook editor or other available Social Network management tools. Once you set them up, they will be published at the times you want!

Remember that you can also use Facebook Stories to reach even more followers.

6. The Correct Frequency

What is the ideal number of postings to make per day to grow your organic reach? Again, this will depend on your target audience, but the general recommendation is to post twice a day if you have enough material to share. However, it is better to make fewer publications but has high-quality content.

Also, publishing a lot can cause your followers to unfollow you. People get bored if all you do is publish information that has no real purpose or relevance. But, if your content is good, then your followers will not mind seeing a few posts per day.

Keep in mind that on average you will only have an organic reach of 7% of your followers, which means that, in reality, only one out of every 14 publications gets to the news feed of all your followers, unless it’s a paid promotion.

Let’s do it!

The Facebook algorithm favors the publications of close friends, leaving less priority to page publications, but don’t let this stop you! If you follow some of the steps that we outlined above you will see results that speak for themselves. Hope you enjoyed this article.

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