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Top Reasons to Include Email Marketing with Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

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Instagram Marketing Campaign

Instagram is the most popular and powerful social media platform that acts as an effective marketing tool. We know that Instagram is gaining traction by the day. There are over 1 billion monthly active users and over 500 million daily active users on Instagram. Over 95 million pictures are uploaded on the versatile platform called Instagram on a daily basis. Over 60 percent of all the registered Instagrammers are known to visit the network every day. Moreover, we know that over 205 billion emails are infiltrating inboxes every day and this figure is all set to reach as much as 246 billion or even more by the end of the year 2019. Today’s smart marketers would be seamlessly integrating their email and Instagram marketing strategies as an element of a customer-centric perspective and an Omnichannel and obviously, for a valid reason: it surely works. Experts believe that social media marketing such as Instagram and email go together just the same way as ‘Batman and Robin’.

When you are wise enough to integrate your email marketing with Instagram, it implies that you would be taking the maximum advantage of both the marketing strategies which would be working in tandem for fetching more target audience and potential customers to your brand or business. While Instagram has influencing CTRs, newsletters would be swinging traffic to your business thanks to the promised content that would be available in a custom design. For achieving rapid progress and success, it is important to promote your brand by relying both on Instagram and email marketing. Both Instagram and email marketing could be pretty effective and beneficial on their own. However, if these platforms are integrated into a unified whole, their powers could easily exceed all your marketing objectives and goals.

Reasons to Include Email Marketing

Email Marketing Is Very Much Alive & Kicking

We know that billions of emails, to be precise 205 billion are sent every single day. This figure would be leaping to 246 billion as we approach the end of this year. Moreover, we know that email makes money. We understand that for every $1 spent on email marketing, you could be expecting a return of $3.8 on an average. As per 80% of the professionals today, email marketing is known to drive effectively both customer acquisition, as well as, retention. Statistics are showing that emails have sprung back into action with a vengeance.

More and more people are checking their emails on different mobile devices and as a result, open rates are definitely going up. Email marketers are having access to diverse options today. Whatever the reason, email marketing is alive and kicking today and it is a trend which you must follow along with effective Instagram marketing stratagem to achieve ultimate business success.

Email Marketing Feeds Your Instagram Campaigns

Email marketing is no longer only about email marketing. Email marketing could act as a gateway leading new customers to your Instagram and your website. In more ways than one, it is the glue that holds every aspect of your marketing strategy together. You could be driving more visitors to your blog by providing snippets of content via your email marketing initiative. Moreover, you could boost your followers by inviting people to go ahead and share deals on Instagram and other social media platforms.  You could effectively use your Instagram posts to drive more and more visitors to your website and invite people to sign up and subscribe to all your email blasts culminating into a cohesive system which would be nurturing your overall clientele base as one unified unit. You may seek professional assistance from a reputed digital company to buy real Instagram likes.

Consumers Are Becoming More Demanding Day By Day

Gone are the days when you could get away with a simple plaintext promotional newsletter or a list of links to newly posted site content. Savvy customers now demand more value from the targeted email. This means you have to up your game, investing more time and money than you did before. The designs have to be attractive, the content appealing, and laden with great discounts, offers, giveaways and things that endear you to your customers. The investment might be big, but so is the return.


Email marketing is a lot more complicated than sending a boatload of emails to everyone you can reach. You have to build an audience that is interested in your product or service, get to know what they want, need, and like, and then serve it to them. There is no point to running an email campaign if you are not serving value through your e-mails. Holding up your end of the bargain will eventually win customers over and lead to conversions, but it must happen in that order only.

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