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Imprint Strives to Make Your Shopping Easier


Online shopping is never straight shooting, whether it be the unnecessarily obtuse checkout procedure or the false depiction of products on the store’s website. Many of us hate shopping physically in any case, and for those of us, Imprint is the perfect iOS app.

Need has always been one of the few online stores that had stood out in the myriad of poor alternatives. Ever since its launch in 2013 Need has continually impressed with its quality photography, great customer service, and distinctive writing.

Last week Need relaunched its website as ‘Imprint’, whilst also simultaneously releasing a companion iOS app. Imprint hopes to achieve the pinnacle of online shopping, and so far it has only impressed. While keeping the same level of care as Need, Imprint improves upon a deluge of other features providing a smooth and fast shopping experience that far surpasses most other online shopping  apps.

Imprint uses a style that borrows from a traditional tab bar while also employing more modern navigation using gestures. One can view from any of the three tabs available- Volumes, Collections, and categories.  Volumes and Collections are updated monthly and weekly respectively, whilst categories lets you view items according to their type.

One of the things that makes this app so appealing is its exquisite navigation system. Starting with volumes, you simply tap the Volume tab to bring it up. From there you swipe left or right to browse different volumes, tapping to open any particular one. The view for any specific Volume has a cover image at the top, a brief description that you can expand for detail, and thumbnails for the items on sale. The next level of navigation is similar, where you can tap to open a certain product and then swipe left or right to move between them. To go back you simply swipe down.

Collections is structured a little differently, in that it feels a little more cluttered and does not have the same level of smoothness that Volumes does. It also does not follow the hierarchical style used throughout the app, but perhaps the distinction was necessary due to the stack-like nature of collections.

The individual item view is truly excellent in Imprint. With in depth descriptions and multiple quality photographs depicting the product, you truly get a personal view of the item. The photos for any item can be called up by tapping the preview image in the detail view. The photo will takeover the screen, allowing you to navigate between photos by swiping right and left, this especially keeps in with the entire theme of the app.

With its cutting edge visuals and easy to get around store, Imprint truly excels in everything it set out to do and is a must have for any online shoppers.

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