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Importance of Offline Branding in Modern SEO

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In the last decade, the online digital medium had grown enormously which would have given you an illusion that offline branding is facing an unstoppable extinction.

But is that true?

No, interestingly when well-implemented offline marketing gives about 40% increased traffic online for your brand as per research.


 The television, radio, and prints were once regarded as pillars that helped brands to reach and get hold of the public. The dawn of the internet has created a new frontier in the marketing industry. It leads offline marketing to acquire the title ‘traditional’, and all those done with the internet as ‘modern’ marketing.

The television, radio, and print are the three major offline players, they are no longer exalting market strategy. But these media continues to attract the major marketing budget shares of companies. Other channels of offline marketing with minor contributions include POS, direct mail, promotional handouts and pamphlets and through referrals.


A customer before buying your products researches all the available sources of information about your products and those equivalent to your products. Thus when marketing, you should be maintaining consistency in the information provided about your products.

Usually, the online and offline marketing departments of most companies work isolated and they are out of sync with the data they provide individually. For instance visualize a situation, where your customer sees an advertisement for your product online, with information that contradicts the information that is provided by offline modes. He would think of alternatives that can be averted.


Synchronizing implies the integration of marketing visuals across all the online and offline marketing media. Your advertisement on a television channel should make the customer look into the newspaper for your relative advertisement. In turn, it should make them search your brand online. When he finally looks at your product’s brochure all the information must be in sync that makes him locate your nearest store.        

The best tactic to follow is, to post an advertisement on television in which your customer will take a glance at the television commercial in the morning, then publish the same ad in the newspaper which he may read later that day. Then when he is at his work make your ad visible in search engines and finally at the end of the day, make sure he again takes a glance at the billboard outside while returning home.  


Apart from those products and their details in the advertisement, make sure your customer visualizes the other essentials such as your website links and contact details. You can also use a hashtag for your product so that it can also be broadcasted over social media. Inscribe other contributors to integration such as keywords and QR code. Using keywords on offline and online modes may contribute positively towards SEO. QR codes when used would enable the customer to directly reach your online marketing space acting as a bridge between two modes of marketing.                 


All the above factors listed for the improvement of offline marketing has a direct effect on search engine optimization. Since the offline branding after the advancement of the internet is done with a prime intention to increase the website’s traffic, advertise with relevant keywords along with the product so that it would become an indisputable factor in the optimization of search engine. SEO Brisbane takes an interesting approach to SEO.

PANDA ALGO           

Panda is the new algorithm patented by Google that ranks the websites with reference to the ratio of incoming links to the number of direct brand searches made. Then that ratio is used to create certain modification factors based upon the search queries. If a site fails to meet a specified magnitude, those modification factors are applied in order to lower the rank of that webpage in the search engine result page. Hence, if you have high incoming links and fewer search queries, the amount of those inbound links are discounted in order to determine the rank of your site.

Thus, since offline branding catalyzes online product queries, it is recommended to do online mentions with offline marketing. The panda algorithm would act favorably if done so.


There is a final strategy to add, building a strong offline branding can also be done with gifting your customers. Even if not for everyone, you could provide some valuable customers with gifts or discounts that would be unique and memorable. Telephonic ads, famously known as cold calling and face to face interaction are other two strong methods to build strong offline marketing space.

With the new algorithm of Google, you must understand that online marketing alone cannot contribute to your brand’s reach and success. Both offline and online modes are two eyes of the marketing world, losing even one would be catastrophic. Synchronized, streamlined marketing strategies and integrating those efficiently and in a unique manner will be the differentiating factors for you to be above an edge over your competitors.

Sohel Ather
Author Bio: Sohel Ather is a Senior Software Engineer and a content writer by passion, He enjoys exploring the latest software development technologies and taking on new challenges. 



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