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Importance of Essay Writing Skills For a Person’s Career

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Between email, social media, advertising, branding, guides and handbooks, SMS, Google searches, app notifications, and more, it seems that in today’s world people are being near constantly bombarded with content to evaluate and judge. In fact, according to Jessica Forrest, Content Marketing Head at ConfidentWriters and Assignment Writing Service people, today read more than they have at any other point in history.” Essay writing skills are invaluable in this media-driven world. It is clear that the skills essay writing teaches can be useful to a variety of career professionals whose jobs involve any kind of writing, communication, or argumentation. Taking an excel skills test helps you organize the essay schedule.

The article will focus on three skills that essay writing teaches—how to craft a compelling argument, how to logically sequence information, and how to build trust with readers through good grammar and mechanics—and show that they are valuable for any career professional, even one whose job involves no writing at all.

How to craft a compelling argument

First, essay writing teaches how to craft a compelling argument. Good essays will argue a thesis that is both clear and defensible. The thesis must be clear in that it must communicate exactly what the author means to argue, and it must be defensible in that the argument must be based on facts. It’s obvious that as students write more essays, good arguments become easier for them to craft. This skill has innumerable applications in the career world—it grants you the power of persuasion! Take the hiring process: no matter for what job you apply, if you can make a compelling argument that you are the best candidate, you are more likely to be hired. Similarly, you may be more likely to be given a promotion or raise if you can effectively argue why you deserve one. You might even convince more people to buy your product by effectively communicating why your service will provide benefits.

How to logically sequence information

Secondly, writing essays teaches the skill of how to create a logical sequence of information. Even with a good argument, a disorderly essay makes for a confusing reading experience—students must learn to organize their thoughts to write solid essays. This article, for example, is organized by skill in a simple first-second-third format, breaking it down into easily digestible sections. It is easy to communicate with others once the skill of sequencing is learned. Whether giving a presentation, designing a flowchart, training a new hire, or planning a complicated surgery that you need to explain the risks to a patient, you’ll have no problem if essay writing taught you how to sequence your thoughts logically.

How to build trust with readers

Third, essay writing teaches good grammar and mechanics which are essential to building trust with a reader. This is just as true in real-world writing as it is writing school essays. Studies show “Bad grammar directly correlates with decreased credibility, sales, revenue, and more negative brand reputations,” says Simon Ellis, an online content writing tutor at Paper-Research and BeeStudent. In essence, this means that if a hiring manager is between two candidates and one of them can write well and the other can’t that good, he is more likely to hire the first even if the second is more qualified. Though your career may not require you to write a word, who knows: good grammar on your LinkedIn profile might mean the difference in landing your dream job.

It is clear the skills essay writing teaches can be useful to a variety of career professionals whose jobs involve any kind of writing, communication, or argumentation. Moreover, for the sake of discussion, say that career person Joe has landed a highly unrealistic job that involves no writing, communication, or argumentation whatsoever. Has the essay written taught him anything of value? Yes, it still has! In today’s media environment, Joe will still consume an immense amount of content produced by others daily. Joe, who thoroughly understands the skills involved in essay writing, will be far better equipped to evaluate and judge that content than someone who does not. For instance, knowing the rules of grammar, Joe may find a poorly written email to be indicative of a scam and avoid losing money. Knowing how to argue well, Joe might see through fallacious claims concerning the economy, impacting his next career move. And, having practiced how to sequence information, Joe will be better able to break down any complicated ideas his job requires him to understand. Thus, no matter the career, essay writing skills prove highly valuable to all career professionals.

Author bio: Paul Bates is a business and lifestyle writer at and He also works part-time as an editor at Data Researchers Network.

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