imessageclient: Terminal-based iMessage Client For OS X

Apple introduced iMessage in iOS 5 and since then it has proved to be a useful app despite having rivals like WhatsApp. iMessage lets you exchange instant messages between the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. Now, there’s a way to send and receive iMessages through OS X’s terminal with imessageclient!

A screenshot of the working imessageclient.
A screenshot of the working imessageclient.

Developed by CamHenlin, imessageclient is a Terminal-based client to send and receive iMessages from the Terminal, instead of the actual app. Made for use with Mac OS X, the client allows users to send iMessages over ssh through their terminal. The trouble with it is however, that you can not really set it up in a cinch, but what’s the fun in that, eh developers?

First of all you need nodejs which is a JavaScript platform or runtime environment. For most people this is where they will decide they don’t really want to go through the hassle of using the imessag client. For others, you obviously also need an Apple iMessages account signed in to

As the GitHub page says, to actually run it you will have to enable assistive access to or iTerm2. Running it over ssh will require you to enable access to sshd-keygen-wrapper. After you are done with this the next step is to run the few commands given below:

git clone

cd imessageclient

npm install

node app

Upon starting you will be able to see your conversations on the right. To open a conversation navigate by using the up or down arrow key and hit ‘enter’ on the one you want. To select the text entry field press the ‘tab’ key. Enter the message that you want to send and then press ‘enter’ to send. The readme file says that the Messages app will flash for a few seconds as the message is being sent and then you will be able to see the message appear in the terminal. To come back to the conversation list from the text entry field press ‘tab’. To start a new conversation press ‘N’ or press ‘Q’ to quit.

If you are wondering why would you want to do this or when would you ever need the imessageclient for Mac, honestly, we don’t know. What we will say is, to quote CamHenlin, why not? It is a little cool and maybe you would want to play around with it for a while. But then, would you take the trouble to do something just because you can? Let us know!

imessageclient for OS X [GitHub]

You can also manage iMessages from Windows and Android with Remote Messages.

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