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IMAX Enhanced: The Very Latest in Home Cinema Entertainment

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Home cinemas are slowly becoming a mainstream part of the typical family home, despite a 20% fall in Hi-Fi sales. The classic idea of a bulky and expensive home movie theater has been replaced with smaller soundbars that do the same job. Meanwhile, widescreen and ultra-thin television sets are providing images with such high definition that they are soon to be almost indistinguishable from watching a movie at a professional theater. Leading this revolution is the brand new IMAX Enhanced. If you see its logo on a new television set, then be ready for a new movie watching experience that is on a whole new level.

What is IMAX Enhanced?

IMAX Enhanced is a certification that is given to only the latest and most advanced home entertainment television sets, sound systems, projectors, and Blu-Rays. The system began as a way to give shoppers looking for a new TV for their home a simple way to identify whether they are getting the best in picture quality. If you see the IMAX Enhanced logo, then it acts as a guarantee that you are getting the ultimate machine for watching movies.

The certification will be given to television technology that has been optimized to be compatible with 4K HDR and expanded aspect ratio, as long as it has undergone the long and painstaking process to reduce noise and grain. This has led to a select few IMAX quality movies which offer brighter and sharper images than ever before. The most highly advanced Hollywood sound mixers have also been used to create crisp and immersive audio.

Why Do you Need it?

There is nothing like the perfect home entertainment system setup. It allows you to watch all of your favorite movies in the highest quality, even when they are no longer showing in cinemas. IMAX Enhanced is bringing the magic of the movies into the average person’s home. This technology isn’t complicated to use or setup and doesn’t stand out in even the most minimalist living room. If you love the experience of unbeatable image quality and unbelievable surround sound audio, then put your money towards the latest and most advanced technology.

IMAX Enhanced is taking home entertainment to the next level. Look out for their logo on technology hitting the shelves in the next few months. You will then be able to watch an ever-growing body of specially enhanced movies from the comfort of your own couch.

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