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Images Of The New iPhone 7 Chassis

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iPhone 7 is set to be released in fall this year. Like always, as the number of days to the release of the new iPhone 7 decreases the rumors about the newest iPhone have started to increase. Last week, there was news related to leaked cases for iPhone 7. Now there are images of iPhone 7 chassis surfacing on the internet that suggests new details about the next generation of iPhone.

The images are of the back side of the iPhone 7. Looking at the image one would immediately notice that the horizontal antenna lines on the back of iPhone 6S are absent in the new model. However, the antenna lines at the bottom edge of the  iPhone are still present. These lines are lighter in color and are located around the curve of the iPhone.  Once you take a closer look at these images you would notice that the camera for iPhone 7 has also been updated.

There are two main changes that can be noticed about the camera of the iPhone 7 from the images of the iPhone 7 chassis. The first one indicates an upgrade to the camera as the camera hole is considerably larger than the previous versions of the iPhone.  The second difference that can be noticed is that the opening of the rear camera is not inset into the frame like the previous versions but is towards the edge of the iPhone 7 frame.

These images of the chassis of the iPhone 7 also suggest that dual camera will not be featured in the 4.7 inch iPhone 7. The dual camera is likely to be featured in the 5.5 inch iPhone 7 plus. These images however are not helpful regarding the  headphone jack because the bottom of the phone cannot be seen.

After these images started to surface on the Internet, one reader has photo-shopped the image to show what the iPhone 7 would look like. According to the photo-shopped images, iPhone 7 becomes more attractive due to the absence of antenna lines on the back of the hand set. Two years ago, the leaked images of iPhone 6 had led to prediction of the accurate design of the model so perhaps this model will also be similar to the photo-shopped model.

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